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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Think Twice...

I think I said yesterday that I adopted some plants at work. We got to leave around 2:00 due to the snowstorm, so when I got home I decided to put my time to good use, and like, water my plants.

Maybe someone should call child services because clearly I play favorites. Or, I'm neglectful. Whichever, I suck at plants. As is noted in my plants at home....

Of course, there's 12" of snow in my driveway and I cant get up, so I have to park at a church and truck it up in knee deep snow to my apartment.

I decided since I would get plowed in at the church, I would
take the driveway into my own hands, and use a mop to clear the snow. No, seriously, that's all I had. So I put on two pairs of pants, a goofey hat and my snow boots, and made two good passes down the hill of doom, and here comes the snow plow. Thank god, 30 min earlier would have been nice.

When I got inside and thawed out, my satellite wasn't working, couldn't find a signal. For an hour it did nothing. What was yesterday boys and girls? Wednesday. That means LOST was on. Oh, hell no! I went into my spare bedroom, stepped up on a chair, took out my screen, broom in hand and proceeded to hang out my window and smack ice off of my satellite. I checked the TV...pixelated picture....better! I smacked more ice off, and I single handedly fixed my satellite reception with a kitchen broom.

Oh, did I mention how we left early? When I got to work, everyone had their "boyfriends/husbands" drive them to work. For a minute I was like......"I wish I had someone to take me to work"...Then I said no, I'm independant, I don't need someone to take me to work. I loved it even more, when they said we could leave at 2:00, and I got my ass in my car and left, while the rest of those dumb fools had to wait here for their rides. Is there always a silver lining, or what? Seriously!
Nothing gets in the way of my watching Lost, not even a frozen satellite. I still think I'm awesome. Did you watch? OMG! They are 50 years behind now on the island? Charles Widmore is there? I mean what did you think? Obviously the reason Richard visited Locke as a child last season is cus he told him to this season. I love when you connect the past seasons to whats going on now. That's why you have to watch them all you cant just jump in. I'm such a Lost snob, but I don't care. It deserves such dedication.

So, Miles is a ghost whisperer. Good. Maybe he can see what all those whispering people are saying. And, why is Faraday all "you can't change the future" and yet, he's going around screwing with people to change the future. Arrrgh.

Anyone else believe everyone will still be alive in the end? Hell yea they will. Who's alive we know about? Jin is alive people. Last season, Sun was at his grave, sure we saw him blow up, but then in a flash forward before he died, he was in the hospital when Sun gave birth, w/another woman having a baby. Season opener this year, it's him and his wife with that baby in the first scene.

Trust nothing, the world has been jacked up. That's why their not suppose to leave the island. They affect the future.

A coworker said to me yesterday. She had no idea they were time traveling. I said, did you watch last season? Faraday and the rat? The nose bleeds? The dude on the boat? Desmond calling Penny in the future? What the hell. Clueless. She's a lost cause.

Anyone else annoyed with the pop ups? Those are for Lost amateurs. It's insulting to me. And, here's some more snow pictures. We got a lot of snow.

What else did the snow do? It prevented me from seeing my manfriend. I did however, get to talk to him on the phone. While I sewed my super awesome toga for tomorrow's par-tay!

And, here's some more snow pictures. We got a lot of snow.

This is my back door..

My parking lot/driveway you can't see the driveway of course.

This is out the front door.

This is my drive after its plowed.


deutlich said...

I wish we'd gotten that much snow.

Mike said...

I never watched that Lost show because it sounds like too much work. ;)

Heather said...

I don't have plants. I kill them. It's a wonder my cats and my kid have survived all these years. Seriously.

The snow sucks. I hate it. And the ice.

I've never seen Lost. I'm a loser.

merider (M.E.-rider) said...

I LOVE those snow pics. Thanks for posting!!! Don't hate me, but it's 75 degrees and sunny out here. BUT, I pay five times more than you do just to live here, and it takes me 45 minutes to drive what I could ride a bike to in 30 minutes. You do the math! ;-)

Erin said...

That is a LOT of freaking snow!!