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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Let's Be Honest Like Oprah...I Hate To Work Out Too!!...

My flippin feet hurt. Specifically, the part just under the pinky toe. I can't really tell in reflexology what it relates to in the body. Maybe thats the spleen? It's by the kidney on the right foot. Liver? Too much drinking? Ack!

Nah...I'm pretty sure it's in direct relation to the fact that I have had the same shoes for like 8 months, and I put a minimum of 20 miles a week on them, plus bootcamp 3 days a week. I got some gel inserts, and on Monday, they hurt my feet even worse. Tuesday, I had developed new blisters. I was to the point where my old blisters were calloused over and no longer painful.

I swear in a past life I must have been a sheep herder or something, and inherited the love of animals, and sore feet. I mean my feet hurt. Maybe I should stop working out. Kidding. But for a moment I felt a wave of excitement. I wish.

You would think the more weight I lost the less they'd hurt. I will say that I am up to jogging for 15 straight minutes, and no knee pain. Shazam! Yea I know I said shazam, but I think it should make a come back.

I've been snacking ravenously on celery since I can have as much as I want and never gain weight you know, of course I'm eating, but in between meals...celery! The batch I bought was horrible. It's really green, and fibery. What the hell? How does one survive the winter with crappy vegetables. Good thing I bought 4 stalks of it, cus it was 2 for $4. I love to waste money. It's my favorite.

I got a book like this about polish food and cuisine on sale at Borders. Because it has a recipe for peirogis. With Cream cheese ok? Aaaaand potato dumplings. I blame my love/addiction for carbs on being polish. It outta get me something besides stupid jokes, right?

My whole reason for going to Borders, was to get a 2009 calendar for my cubicle. I'm lost without one. I spot a Madonna calendar, for $6. All half off, awesome! I get to work on Monday, and it's not a calendar. It's a thing of Madonna pictures with the dates listed. You can't write anthing in there. its just dates. Not even days of the week.

Seriously? Madonna? You have more money than P Diddy, and you have to rip one of your biggest fans off? I think I'm going to give this in my Valentine's Giveaway. Oh yea, You can enter to win this Friday!

I added my weight loss ticker there to the left. Why? Because I'm over halfway to my goal. The goal set by bootcamp nazi. I've lost 54 lbs. 39 to go. 13 of those are thru bootcamp. But it's nice to know I'm over halfway there!


Mike said...

54 lbs.! Great job, keep it up. Pickles are also calorie free, I think. I would check to make sure. I would rather snack on pickles than celery.

So@24 said...

You win most disturbing pic of the day

Mandy Lou said...

Sorry about the calendar - I've got to go get one, I'm so behind. On the upside, I now know not to get the Madonna one ;-)

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

did you ever go get those shoes cushions?!?!

Fizzgig said...

pickles might not have calories, but i know they have lots of sodium.

really? lol. I thought it was pretty cool. Now you can see where to massage your kidneys thru your feet. I'm helping.

Mandy Lou:
Usually i hav 15 calendars. I dont have one!

yea i got them. they dont help much, and raise my feet slightly in my shoes so that now I have fresh flesh to grow blisters on.

Erin said...

Wow, you are really doing awesome! It is so good to see you doing it the right way!

And Madonna? Really???

fidget said...

i wanted to read this post, but the eyes on the toes are flipping me the frick out *runs around skeeved out**

Fizzgig said...

yea, the right way is slow. i keep telling myself itll stay off this way.

ha ha ha its reflexology....you can like rub your toes for your eyes.

Heather said...

I have that calender. I got one last year too. Not so much for the date, but more for the pictures. Go look at the June (my birthday month) picture. Is that hot or what!!

I have a Pixar one in our kitchen to write on.