"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Spare Change...

I filed bankruptcy when my life plummeted into a downward spiral long ago. My husband left me. I fell into a deep depression where I wouldnt bathe or wash my hair, or eat. I lost my job. Had my car repoed. House foreclosed. Filed bankruptcy. Like "they" say, it's out of the toughest times that you find out who you really are. But my point is, does anyone know about the 10 year bankruptcy/credit report thing? Cus, I'm 99% sure it's been 10 years here in 2009 and I want that shit off my credit rating.

And am I suppose to write a letter or something? That whole time of my life is a blur. I don't remember much, which may seem silly but I was in a bad way.

This weekend I tried to rescue a cat. It was outside in the woods. Sleeping in an abandoned dog house behind my house under a tree. It cried at me, when I say kitty kitty...I have been feeding it but it runs from me if I get close. I put a warm snuggly blankie in the house and covered the door with a towel to try to keep it warm. It survived the arctic chill, so good deed done. I have successfully rescued this cat as of last night. And she's living in my spare bedroom. On a warm snuggly bed. With food and water. And a potty. And lots of petting, the way cats should live. It's my goal to have manfriend fall in love with it and keep it. He wants a cat so it's not evil of me.

she's just a little thing, and super friendly!

So, last Thursday coworker turned in her 2 week notice. You know, the one that started the fight with new girl. I have mixed feelings about it. Mainly because I don't like change. Secondly, and more selfishlyI don't know if I'm going to have to do her freaking job forever, or if they will move someone into my department. I should know by Thursday at the latest.

Coworker's last day is at month end. When I'm busiest, and they are busiest. And also, right before all of our district managers come to the office for a week and we have a billion meetings to prepare for. And reviews to compile. And a major project for the travel department that is due. Awesome.

I can't blame her, in her position you don't make squat for money, nor can you really think for yourself or make any changes to anything. Until my promotion I was also actively looking for other employment too. I can't blame her....but most importantly....what about me?

We also adopted 4 plants together, coworker and me. At work, in an effort to save money, they got rid of the plant people. And we were asked to adopt plants to care for so we can still have them. Now, I'm a single mother. I don't want to water all those plants doing the work of a billion people.

In my positive thinking way....I have found the good part of it all. I'm going to be so busy at work in February, that before I know it, it will be March. And that means, St. Patrick's day and green beer, and merriment. What else does it mean? Spring is right around the corner!

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Deutlich said...

That kitty is adorable!

merider (M.E.-rider) said...

You are a true kind soul and sweetheart to rescue that little kitty. She's is so sweet looking. Sorry about your coworker situation. Yeah, change is scary but it can also be a very good thing. Perhaps you'll get a real team player in your office and one that will be of more benefit (not to knock the old coworker, but she did sound a little feisty). And as for the bankruptcy - I thought it was 7 years and your credit could be restored ?? You do have to write them a letter for sure.

Mike said...

Yeah, the bankruptcy thing is seven years.

I used to know a cat that looks just like that, but I can't remember where I know her from. Hmm.

Life On Edge. said...

congratulations of coming along such a tough way in your life...

and that kitty is very cute...who would not fall in love with her? Did you name her already?

Ms. Megan said...

Love that kitty!! It is super cute! I believe it can stay on your credit report of up to ten years and I don't believe you have to write any letters unless they fail to update your credit report

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

after going through all of that how much sweeter is it all now?

Mandy Lou said...

The kitty is super cute, hopefully the manfriend thinks so too!

I think the bankruptcy thing is 7 years, but there's another that's 11 - so you should definitely check on that.

Fizzgig said...

she is cute, of course, not cute as my cats, but cute nonetheless!

I hope we get a better employee too. I'm not sure what will happen yet....and yes, feisty is a nice way to put it!

Hope its not your cat. but then youd never put a kitty outside to freeze, right?

Thank you...I have had a tumultuous past. But I learned so much!

Ms. Megan:
I hope I dont have to do anything. Im going to start with a copy of my report.

its pretty sweet! That's for sure!

Mandy Lou:
its annoying. That all these years I had to wait to wipe it clean.

Erin said...

What a wonderful person you are rescuing the cat... he/she is beautiful!! I LOVE the eyes and the face.

Sorry about co-worker... it's too bad that new girl can't go instead!

Erin said...

oh and if you didn't find out - here's the deal on the bancruptcy. It "is" 7 years but it can take 10 to get off the credit. They always say 7 but technically once it is charged off and so forth it really is on there for up to 10. At the 10 year mark you simply print a copy of your credit report - follow the directions on how to remove something (I think you have to write to the credit report people) and then they will do the research on seeing if it shoudl be removed... usually it is. 30 days later you will find out. So, make sure it is 10 years to the date at least and then request it be taken off - simple!