"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Morning Inflation...

I'm standing at a coworkers desk today and one of the big wigs told me as he walked by "you are looking thin". Yea, me, and thin in the same sentence. This morning I put on pants I havn't worn in like 10 years. But, they are the same number size as I've been wearing but unable to fit into. Said big wig is always in the gym when I am, and is impressed with my stamina. No, said big wig isn't a perv. He helps me when I want to say, eat a peice of chocolate pound cake someone made by saying "3 miles on the treadmill" and then I'm like....after I already did 4? No thank you.

The scale says I'm down 5lbs since my last weigh in 2 weeks ago. Yes, even though I had junk food, and alchohol. I stuck with my workouts! Friday is the true test. I had been away from bootcamp for over a week, because her holiday hours didn't fit my schedule. Last night was pretty tough, I couldn't do all of the knee to elbow things. But that's also due to the fact that instead of dividing my lunch workout between the treadmill and eliptical, I did the eliptical the whole 45, and for the first time I did a level 3. (I've been on one) I did that because there was no available treadmill with a TV. I can't stare at the wall when I workout. I need distraction.

Yes someone hacked my twitter. I'm waiting to see what they are doing about it, their blog said that 30 accounts were hacked. They said they reset them, but they didn't. I find it hard to believe only 30, and I am one of them. I think I have 13 friends? I'm hardly a target. It's ok though, because Obama's was hacked too. I'm sure my life is just as interesting as the upcoming president. For sure.

New shows. Anyone watch True Beauty? Putting all those people in a house with their inflated egos, has already proven to be hilarious. And, makes me glad I'm not one of them. Kat told me about Tool Academy. Which I think everyone should run out and Tivo. Guy's think they are competing for "Mr. Awesome" but really it's to see who is the biggest tool. You said tool.

Oh yea, speaking of shows, today is the new Biggest Loser. I can't waiiiiit!

I'm feeling much better today about my future. I try so hard to live in the moment, and I go along each day that way, and one thing throws me outta wack? I'm back on track, and confident that the universe has something fabulous in store for me. Whatever it is, and however I get there is yet to be seen.


Ms. Megan said...

I am super excited about Biggest Loser.. I can't wait to see how the biggest person ever on the show does... that show always makes me crY! Have you watched Momma's Boys? oh my its pretty hilarious!

Mike said...

"Tool Academy" is going to be great. I watch all those VH1 and MTV shows... I can't help it.

Fizzgig said...

ms megan:
me too, I hated this last season only because of the mean girls on it. I'm so glad michelle won!

It's like watching a wreck...you know you shouldn't, but you cant help it.

Erin said...

that is so awesome that you are looking so good that big wig mentioned it - quite a boost!!!

I'm wicked excited about the Biggest Loser tonight - It's only been like 2 weeks and I've totally missed it!!!

I have to agree wtih Megan - Momma's Boys is funny! That one mother is such a B.I.T.C.H.!!!

Fizzgig said...

It did give me a boost! Yea I have been watching mommas boys. If i were those boys i wouldnt be on tv flaunting that im whipped by my mother. but it makes for good entertainment!

Heather said...

Aw dammit. I already missed True Beauty? How did I miss that!