"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, January 31, 2008

La Dee Da

First things first people. Lost is on tonight. Lost. Which hasn't been on for almost a freaking year! Lost! I think I'll even workout longer so I can stay up and watch the whole thing. Nice trade off!

I got my second W-2 last night. I forgot that the current second job puts ours online and I have to figure out how to access the damn thing. Good luck. So, this weekend I can file my taxes! And, I'm probably going to jail for not paying taxes where I live. Another reason I want to move, I get an extra income tax on top of what I already pay to the city I work. I hate that place more every day. I love the apartment and the space I have. That's about it.

I started looking at condos again yesterday. There are a lot for cheap, close to work, and the fee's are only 109. Im sure their not spectacular, but for less than I'm paying in rent, I can own something, have almost the same square footage, and have my pets. I'm at least looking into it. I hate to think of resale some day, but whats meant to be will be. I have to explore all my options at this point. It doesn't hurt to try. Bonus? Where I'm looking you don't pay water or heat. And, have a fireplace. I aspire to have one, it's one of the things on my dream board. Along with the ocean. And money. One thing at a time.

Work. The lead from the old coworker turned out to be for the accounting department, with 5 years experience. I'm applying. It doesnt hurt. Another lead, from an old coworker, for a job that sounds awesome, is only part time. I could try for it, and work the second job but it's not very stable.

Last night I got to see my guy! It was fantastical even though he is not feeling well. Poor thing. I hooked up my DVD player to my TV downstairs using an RF modulator (doesn't that sound smart?). It worked. I'm not an electronics moron. So we had some alone time which felt amazing, but then again any time I'm with him is amazing, and ya know what else? That amazes me. Amazing. Sometimes I have to pinch myslef because it all seems too good to be true, but then I know that I deserve this happiness, so theres no question. I am happy with the person I am, and someone else finally appreciates that. I havn't ever been with someone that I don't think.."hmmm, that's nice, but....." meaning, there's good there but this or that could change. I am well aware people are who they are unless they desire a change in themselvs, and I am happy with the person he is. Imagine that! Not to mention.. I just love feeling like a kid again with the giggly goofey love I feel for him.

Has anyone ever ordered contacts from 1-800 contacts? I have the box for my contacts, but somethings wrong w/the last pair I opened they burn my eyes for hours if I put them in. Their not inside out either. I don't want to go pay another exam fee, and lest we forget I can't afford to have health insurance, so it's all out-of-pocket. Just wondered how ordering them online works?



LOST !!!! OMG ... my boyfriend's had a lost chubbie all week waiting for tonight. We've been watching old episodes and YouTube clips to refresh ourselves... it's been so damn long since the last episode, I forgot a lot of stuff.

Enjoy the show!


And I'm sorry to say... your contacts were probably made in Mexico and have jalapeno on them. Give them a good rinse and try again. Could there be a tear in them? My sister had the same kind of problem... turns out there was a teeny tiny tear in them that was causing her eye to scream!

Suzi said...

I order contacts from 1800contacts.com all the time. It's so convenient. You put in your prescription, and the name of your eye doctor, they verify it and send your contacts within a couple of days. It's usually really fast.

You should be able to exchange those bad lenses, though.

Mon said...

omg. i saved seson 3 on tivo and watched it forever, and rewatched seasons 1 and 2 twice since the ending. im so obsessed!

i wonder if they say that your exam is past due =( thats what im concerned about. i dont wanna pay for another exam i just want my danged contacts. but i can give it a whirl