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Monday, January 07, 2008

The Price Is Right...

On Saturday, I went shopping with Kat and Bubba. It was mainly to hit the Victoria's Secret sale, and spend gift cards! We got to the store about 10:30, and all the friggin large underwear were gone. Gone. None. Not one pair. I was so pissed off! I did however get a couple bra's at $15, and we know how expensive they normally are, don't we ladies? So, that was a steal!

We perused the mall, and found some sales at the body shop too. You know, I scanned Macy's where I have a $50 and couldn't find anything to spend free money on? Free....money? I really want a new comforter, a brown and blue one, which is going to be my new colors. But you know that wasn't happening for 50 bucks.

We ducked into Moochie and Co. cus they had dogs in there doing some training thing. I wanted this little black dog with curly cocker spaniel ears and an adorable face. I can't afford any more pets. So, I got a pawbreaker for the cats. If you have cats, you should get them one. It drives them crazy because they can't eat it. Muh ah ah ah. Mom got one for my sisters cats when she visited, only my cats stole it, and it was never to be seen again.

At Kohl's, I made the best purchase. Ever. I got 100% egyptian cotton sheets, 300 thread count, they were regularly $79.99 (what the fuck???!!!!) on sale for $30, and free with my gift card, so I went for it. Who...would spend $80 on sheets? Seriously? That's like tossing money out the window, right? I also bought a nice jewelry box $30 on sale for $10, A picture frame $18 on sale for $8, and a big hurricane metal candle holder and candle, $30 on sale for $7.50. The best buy? Sheets. Oh. My. God. I can see why people would pay 80 bucks for them! Last night? I slept naked so I could feel the softness of my sheets all over me. This, after rubbing my legs around on my sheets forever and feeling unfulfilled. I never sleep naked. New sheets? *swoon*

Then we went to the shoe store. Reluctantly, cus I'm not into shoes. But, I got some cute vision street wear shoes, $35 for $11!!!! The best part? Kat sat down to try on the same shoes when I did. So, this is the second pair of shoes we both own. Great minds, you know. She also bought new running shoes, and she was actually running in place with them on to "try them out".

The last stop? Yankee Candle. Sale. That's music to my ears. I love nothing more than Yankee. Bogo? Bogo! So, I got two large candles, and then, they had brought back a ton of discontinued scents! Yes! Discontinued! For $10!!!! I got a mocha latte nut. And the best thing ever? There was one Peanut Butter Cookie left. Bubba let me buy it. I told her she's a good friend, and I'd remember that on her birthday. There is nothing quite like the Peanut butter cookie candle, I have no idea why they would discontinue it to begin with.

I also saw my guy on Saturday which was the cherry on top of the sundae that was my spectacular shopping experience! He makes me laugh, we have so much fun together. I'm a lucky girl. And he is a lucky guy!


PJ said...

I love spending gift cards...you get exactly what you want. I've never heard of a pawbreaker but with 5 cats (yeah, I have 5) I'm going to check that stuff out!

Mon said...

I have 4 cats! We have our own club or something!!

EC said...

Wow - you got some great deals!!! Of course free is always good - I love those Christmas gift cards!!