"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, January 18, 2008

Ask and Maybe you will receive..

Friday is here. Yessssss...... Yesterday my sweet boyfriend did more work on my computer while I was at work, and said he left me something on the desktop. When I got home and checked it, it was a bunch of music. And a note. He told me one of the music mixes he listened to when we're apart and it reminded him of me. His note made me tear up. It was about how our situation was temporary, and that good things come to those who wait. It was the cutest thing ever, but also personal to me. Sometimes I still think it's all too much to believe, but then I remember that I deserve to be happy and I'm a good person with a lot to offer. I've just never had the opportunity to offer it. It's been taken, and abused.

I was late to work. And I rushed to get here. My boss said she wanted to talk to me. She said it's never that important to get here that I risk my life by rushing. She said I wont get in trouble, and I can make it up if I want to. Then she said she isn't complaining but wanted to give me some observations. She said she doesn't think I feel the same about my job as I did six months ago, and feels like I'm at the quit or stay stage. I said, I just have a lot of built up animosity about working two jobs, I feel like I shouldn't have to.

She said you're right, you shouldn't have to work so many hours, but I admire you for trying to better your situation. She said she see's me work two jobs every day and still keep up with my work, and with a smile, and I never complain. She understands I'm trying to get ahead, and still have a life and a boyfriend, and deal with my family. She said I know you don't get the sleep you should get, and that also has to be hard. I have my foot in the door at a good company that can help me accomplish my future goals. I told her that I wanted to go to school yesterday.

Then she told me she cares a lot about me on a personal level, as well as professional, and thinks I'm an asset to the company, with a lot to offer. She then said that there are some "things" coming along the lines that will help to improve my quality of life, real soon. I'm taking that as a money thing. Let's hope so. Then, I won't have to quit and start over somewhere else. Then, she thinks that I can have work pay for some of the classes I will have to take for my degree. The ones that have to do with business, I can get reimbursment for. Maybe things are going to work out for me where I am, and that's why no place is beating down my door to hire me.

So, today's a great day. It's always nice to hear that you are appreciated. And even better to hear that you are doing a good job.


Suzi said...

Your boss is an excellent manager. I'll bet her department runs efficiently, and that people who work for her do their best because of how she treats them. A-plus to her! I'll keep my fingers crossed for lots of $$$ so you can work ONE job instead of two. You really are amazing. I get tired just reading about all the stuff you fit into a day!

Janet said...

Your boyfriend left music mixes for you? Now that is a boy after my own heart!

Patti Cake said...

Woo Hoo! I hope good news is forthcoming from work. That would be great if you could just work one job! Rock on!

Christie said...

Cool! :D