"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Finding Myself....

Here I am. Where I've always been. But I really feel like I'm finding out who I really am meant to be. Funny how life works.

I contacted the school yesterday that teaches the vet tech program. The first step is to make an appointment and talk with admissions. I talked to them yesterday, but they didn't want to divulge much information. And I think another school also teaches it in Cleveland. Who knew? I wont get rich off of it, but I won't feel like a pee-on every day either. I'm pretty sick of pushing paper around all day. It's old. I am also tired of being nice to people I don't really like. This is why I was way better suited for my last job where 95% of my time was spent updating websites.

Anyway....ever since I was 8 years old and I wrote it in my school days book, I wanted to be a vet. When I got older and realized that this is actually a Dr., and you had to do basically the same school as being a people Dr., I got over it real fast. Besides, I was into my office program at school and I really liked it. I've just always felt like my calling was to work with animals. Obviously, anyone who knows me knows this is 100% true. Nothing grosses me out with them. And, from having holes in tails, to eye ulcers, to open wounds, I've had to deal with a lot with my menegerie. I even express the dogs anal glands. Cake.

So, this is my new endeavor. My ultimate goal, is to own my own business. Pet care, and/or pet sitting. I'm also looking into taking Reiki courses, my high school friend's wife is a master. I want to somehow use this with animals. I feel like I finally have a purpose. And, it's an amazing feeling! I hope I can find some financial aid to get the ball rolling. I'll be working a second job as long as I can though. Which sucks. I'm hoping maybe spring/summer I can finally quit. But I need to pay off credit, and save money for moving, which also costs a buttload of money.

One awesome perk of being a vet tech? Hello Kitty scrubs. Yea, I know it's pretty bad-ass.


Patti Cake said...

Good for you! I know you will achieve what you want to do....you go girl!

sir jorge said...

oooh Hello Nurse!