"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, January 25, 2008

Endless Frustration...

I called off work last night. To rest. I didn't get much rest, cus the man's car was broke down and he had it towed and I drove him home. Not that I'm complaining, cus it was nice to see his cute face again. And, well, the cute rest of him too! We're too happy together for things to not work out. I just have to stop trying to make things happen, and let them happen. Work. Home. Bills. Etc...Sleep....? I was asleep by 11:30 which is way early for me!! So, maybe I'll call off again. Screw it!

We got new phones at work. They have 34 lines on them, same as the old. They suck. If a VP's secretary is away we have to listen to it ring forever, without the ability to answer it. This equals severe annoyance. Brrrr blooop brrrr. Thats how they ring. Brrr bloop brrr. Imagine that all fucking day. It reminds me of my Taco Bell days, when I'd have nightmares of the drive thru bell ringing. *shudder*

Then, if I get a call for someone and have to transfer it to voicemail, which is 99% of what I do with phone calls, and the person responds to the person leaving the voicemail, the response comes to me, not the person who left the message. The phone people say "right, your the one transferring the call so the system thinks your the person to respond to."

I get that. But um, fix it. They tried to tell us for 30 minutes what was going on. Um, we know what's happening, the problem is it can't happen. Then it's my fault you didn't get your fucking voicemail? I don't think so!

Then today, I had the telecom guy calling me 80 times on my line.

"Transfer me to #300 and hang up". Don't ask me what #300 is.

So I do it. Transfer. Pound. 300. beeeeeeep. wtf? I hung up.

He calls back "What did you just do?"

ME: "Transfered you to #300 and hung up like you said!"

"What did it do?"

ME: "it beeped"

"What kind of beep"

ME: "beeeeeeeeeeeeeep"

"not the beep beep beep?"

ME: "No, just a steady beeeeeeep"

"Then what did you do?"

ME: "I hung up like you said to do"

"Ok, I'm gonna call back, don't answer it, let it roll, then have another girl transfer me to #300"

So, he calls back on my VP line, and I answer it, cus it's my job, and he didn't say he was calling on a VP line. He says "don't answer it when I call back". It reminded me of the pretty woman scene when he tells her never to answer the phone and she responds "then quit callin me". Seriously.

I hear the same conversation to on between he and my coworker, as if I was lying about the beeeeep and not the beep beep beep. This is how I spent my morning. Listening to electronic, and human beeping. I know you are jealous, but try and contain yourselves. Not everyone can lead my exciting life. Now... he's over here switching buttons around after I made my cute template for all the lines to put on my phone. Ass. Hole.

You know our entire company of around 2,000 employees has been transfered to the new system over the last several months, and we are the only ones with a problem?

I've decided to stop the worry about money and work. The secret teaches, the more you focus on something the more prominent it becomes in your life. I was doing way better when I focused on being rich, vs. how I have no money and I'm always working. I just need to re-focus my thoughts.


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Patti Cake said...

LOL -- really. I laughed over your beeeeep description. That has to be nerve racking.

BTW -- You are welcome to come swim anytime.