"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, February 01, 2008

Lost Was Found Again!...

Lost. Thank you for returning, and making me use my brain. Are you guys in another time? When you come back from the island, are you already in the 'real world' still living your lives, and now there are two of you? I think that may be the case. And in last seasons finale, when Jack was gonna kill himself, it's cus himself died. I think he visited himself at the funeral home. That's why he was so upset.
What's up with that dude visiting Hurley in the mental hospital? Is he aware of Dharma, or the others? Pretty sweet that Kate stayed with Jack. I think it's cus he spilled the beans about loving her. Girls always pick the good guy. Eat that Sawyer! Obviously Locke's plan to hide doesn't work, if Hurley is already back home.

My scope says this today:

A new friendship will take a very unusual direction today. Are you ready to commit at a deeper level? If you are unsure about things, you had better communicate that to them as clearly as you can. They will totally understand how you're feeling, which will only help you see them as the more positive influence over your life. They listen to you and respect your needs -- what more do you need? You are in a much healthier phase, now, and you're attracting much healthier people. Getting what you want can be just as disorienting as not getting it. You're figuring out that contentment doesn't come from stuff or jobs or relationships -- it comes from within. Some people never get that.

I'm 99% sure I'm calling off the second job again. Why? Why not. I have the opportunity to go out with this really awesome guy, and by that, I mean my boyfriend. So, what the fuck. I'm always responsible, once in a while it won't kill me to enjoy myself. Besides my horoscope says that I need to find contentment from within. All the money in the world isn't gonna do it. So, if I get canned, it's meant to be. Besides I helped out on a new job last night and received a ton of praise from the supervisor, who emailed the big wigs. The job? Lottery winners claim forms. You know how many people win scratch off's and smaller amounts, like 25 grand? A fuckton. I've decided to play the lotto, as I see it as a sign.

CP emailed me yesterday. It had been a while. He told me all about how much god has blessed him. Good for you. If you want to give credit away for what you change in your life to someone else. My beliefs are far different, but to each their own. God also brought a special friend into his life, which I think he might have told me to try and make me jealous, but really everyone deserves someone that makes them feel good. So, have at it. I'm in my own happy place in life, and nothing is going to make me jealous of anyone.

I've got a busy busy weekend. I'm getting up at the buttcrack of dawn and taking my reiki class, which I am totally psyched about. Then I have a long over-due hair appointment, and taking my Momma to look at houses I guess. Then she prob needs to go to the store. And I have to cram in a workout, shower, and getting my shit together to go out and kickit. I guess I have a busy Saturday. Sunday may be much easier.


EC said...

Good for you!! Everyone needs a little "sick" day once in a while ;)

Janet said...

I told Lost to get lost along time ago, but I vicariously feel your excitement:)

What the hell is reiki? Did I miss this post?

Mon said...

EC: ha ha yea they do but i was "sick" last thurs and friday. I feel guilty!

Im gonna blog about it, it was a couple wks ago I brought it up.

babylamb said...

I like Lost too. I still havent' been able to watch the most recent episode. Maybe tonight.