"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Another One Bites The Dust....

Guess how long my being well rested lasted? Um, like, a day and a half. But I thoroughly enjoyed it while it lasted. Last night we had some big old wind storm blowing in a cold front so, it was almost 50 degrees, and today it's 5. 60 mile an hour winds, knocked over my dog while she was tryin to have a poopie! They shut down my second job at 10 last night so they could back our information up. They've lost our shit in bad weather before. They learned their lesson. So here's me when I read on the board that we're closing at 10:00:

Me: "is that for today? We're closing at 10???"

Coworker: "yes, cus of the weather advisory"

Me: "SWEEEET!!!!"

Coworker: "when do you normally get off?"

Me: "10:15"

Coworker: laughing "15 minutes?"

Me: "Trust me, that 15 minutes counts!"

Seriously. When you are faced with having no time, it's amazing what you can get done with that extra few minutes. I can almost remember going home at 5 and feeling like I had no time. What?!!!! So instead of getting home at 11, I wound up home at 10:30. I was working out by 10:45, and done by 11:45. Out of the bath about 12:15, and in bed BEFORE 1. I even packed my own lunch, and made me and Mom a smoothie. That extra 15 minutes made a world of difference!

So, what's new? Oh, yes. Another one bites the dust at job #1. Coworker turned in her notice, and is moving to KOREA. What? Yea, her last day is the first day the new girl who's replacing the last girl that left starts. (confused?) We're dropping like flies. There are but two of us left, and if she leaves, I'm toast. We're both trying to leave as well. The clincher, was that she turned in her notice at 4:56, via email. This morning, our boss says "(coworkers last name) your email msg? I havn't even been dumped like that" Classic.

Let's see. I started my job in December 2006. When I came on board I replaced a girl who had just quit. Then, another girl left. Then, another girl left. Now, another girl left. In between there were several temps to fill in the gaps.

And the two remaining secretaries..., are also looking to leave. You think they would figure out by now, something is wrong? What they need to do, is hire girls fresh outta high school, this is good money for them, and really, you don't need skills. They fill your head up with fantastical ideas about spreadsheets, and power points, writing formulas, and newsletters, and the reality is, you cut and paste reports that you have no part in producing, and email them. Oh, you get to do a few little reports but they are cake. I don't know why they make you take a test to get the job, and have 15 interviews.

I'm on my way out, and up! I deserve a much better life than the one I am settling for. And, it will be mine, oh yes!

I get to see my guy tonight, which makes it a much better day. I cannot wait until I am not working so much, and we can hang out more. I got the flippy flops thinkin about seeing him. eeek.



Frances said...

I was in Blockbuster last night and thought of you when I saw the Lost series DVDs.
I was thinking of having one of my little marathons.
I just know I will get so addicted.

Patti Cake said...

I've never seen the show. I know, "WHAT?!?!" I guess I'll have to rent it and catch up with everyone. LOL

EC said...

Lost?? You watch lost??

Alright, it's your life ;)

Yes, you do deserve better - I hope you find it soon!

Mon said...

heck yea, but lost is a nice heatlhy addiction! It makes you think...and gets the blood pumpin!

Um, I'm so disappointed! Lost is only the best show..ever!

c'mon. I live and breathe the show. live. and. breathe.