"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bring Me My Dinner..Betch..

You know, men have it pretty good. I'm not really complaining because I happen to enjoy caring for a guy in the girlie sense of making him comfortable and cooking his dinner. There was a time though, when I'd say fuck right off when a man asked me for something. That's also due to the fact that they spent their time sucking my life force outta me.

But I have a housewife now. My mom. I had to work the second job Monday, and when I got home, she had taken my tree down, and done my dishes, and put them away. She swept and straightened the living room too. Last night, she'd cleaned the bathroom and kitchen. I told her it's nice having a housewife. Now I know how men feel. And men feel pretty damn good. I don't ever want to hear them bitch about life. Damn. All I had to do when I got home, was clean my litterboxes, feed the rabbit, and workout. I actually got to sit down, and enjoy my smoothie. I actually got to watch two half hour programs, and not while I was working out. I watched ANOTHER show then!

My conclusion is, it's not so hard bringing home the bacon and working 60 hours, when you don't also have to keep a household running. That added pressure is the worst part. People don't tend to understand you are never home when they are covered in cat hair from your hairball cats.

Yesterday. I applied for like, 5 jobs. In addition to the 5 or so I applied to last week. I'm pretty sure the offers are just gonna start rolling in....*crickets chirp* any day now!

The best news? I heard on the radio yesterday an ad for a college where I can get an associate veterinary technician degree. It happens to be only 40 min away as opposed to two hours to Ohio State which until yesterday, was the only place to get that degree...so I thought. I am quite excited, because it is my dream/calling to work with animals, and now, it is going to happen!

Tonight I get to see my guy. Which makes my belly flop, and get all excited, and gives me the shivers. Momma said that she is going to leave with my brother for date night so we can have some alone time. Actually she said "what time you figure you're gonna do it, so I know when to come home". I said that we didn't do such things, and she didn't have to leave. Geez. Then, I asked her if she thought she could put her teeth away when my boyfriend comes over. She has her partials out on the bathroom sink. I told her she is a reflection of what I will one day be. You know...."I got it from my Momma"....

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PJ said...

Oh LMAO...That was funny...the teeth...love it. If you really want to be a vet tech you should do it! I'm on the IACUC board at our local school that offers that degree. That is a special calling indeed. I love going there for meetings to see the animals and the people involved. They are passionate about their vocation.