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Monday, January 21, 2008

Uh, Brr.....

It's like 12 degrees today. Are you cold? Is it 12 where you live? No? Then shut the hell up. This is ridiculous. Made more so, by the fact that when we got to work, we could see our breath. Uh, inside. They decided not to turn the heat on in honor of MLK day I think. That's how they save money where I work. My fingers are numb. I'm rarely EVER cold. Everyone has their coats on. And seriously? Um, the boiler's out. No heat for several hours. Seriously.

I have PMS. Glorious. Nothing like being pissed off at life for no good reason. Not that I don't have good reason. I'm really, really sick of fucking work. Friday was the worst. I think I made 20 bucks at the second job. I couldn't keep my eyes open. I rely heavily on caffine pills to make it thru the day and I had none Friday. Boy, did that suck! I dozed off all night at work. Then, it blows when your friends can't relate to how tired you are, and harass you to come out. It's nice to be loved, but the guilt sucks.

I work 60 hours. I sleep 20. That's if I'm lucky, I sleep 20. I work three times more than I sleep. I am not for sure how much longer I can do this.

I'm too cold, and too pissed at life to really go on, so send warm thoughts my way. And money too, if you want. =)


sir jorge said...

I walked to work today and when I started walking it was 23 degrees. Now that I'm at work it's 29 degrees.

Sure it's not 12 degrees.

I'm from Los Angeles though, and now that I live in Seattle, I've been hitting a harsh reality that outside of L.A the cold is really really cold.

My face hurts.

12 degrees though?


I'm at work....working.

Suzi said...

We in Minneapolis are experiencing our high temp of the day: 9 degrees. It'll get up to 8 tomorrow, 7 on Wednesday, -1 on Thursday, and then a glorious, balmy 25 on Friday. I can't wait. You still win the prize for being the coldest, though, because GOOD LORD! You can see your breath inside? There is something seriously wrong with that. It'll be weeks before you warm up after experiencing that kind of chill!

EC said...

Hey, it was like 10 degrees yesterday when we woke up!! That is HUGE here in North Carolina. Sure it got up to 35, but it was damn cold in the morning!