"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The word for today is JOB...

I'm back to work. Not very excited about it. I wish I was back to work at a job that paid more, now..that would make me happy. Because that would mean at 5:00, I get to go home, not to another job. In the snow. While my Momma is at my house. *sigh*

I had a pretty good weekend. Saturday I spent the evening with the man, he was busy until about 10 doing stuff for buying a house. So, we ended up staying up until about 5, and then in bed til like, 6 am. Talking. It's pretty cool to be able to talk so much about things. Have I mentioned that I'm nuts about that guy?

Kat's husband finally fixed my computer, so my guy spent the night cleaning up the hard drive, and organizing my stuff for me. He's hella-handy I tell you. Anyway, we talked about how hard it is on us to be apart from each other. He said he felt he had to have this time to live w/o a girl, which I told him I understand and he liked that. I do understand, but I also told him, it's still hard on me cus I want to be with him so bad. How when your out with your friends you just miss each other. I said it sucks cus I like hanging out with him so much and I can't. He said the same. I really deserve some pity here.

Who knows how long he'll live with his friend, but by then I could very well have bought my own house. I would like to own something, and stop wasting my money too. I miss having a house. So..I think it's our test of patience. I hate tests. And patience.

Once I get a better full time job, I can quit the part time job, and free up a lot of my time. The distance wouldn't even be that big an issue as it seems to be now, it's more time than anything. Either the credit gets paid off from working the second gig, or I get a better job. One of em has to work out. We talked a lot about how we wanted to spend more time together, and how much we like each other's company. It's reassuring to know that someone feels the same that you do. If I was the only one, I'd be scared. I told him about how I cry when he leaves. It's heart wrentching. Ugh. I honestly feel like he's it for me, so I know that all of these tough things will pass.

He went with me to get my Momma on Sunday. Which really meant a lot to me, for him to finally meet her. It felt like it was meant to happen. He also met my aunt, cousin, and cousin's husband. We had some laughs on the trip home. He said he hadn't met any parents since his ex wife which was kinda cute! Momma thinks he's cute. Which...duh! He stayed for a few hours when we got back to my house and we had dinner and watched a movie. I was so happy. Even though I had company when he went home I still cried. It's just so hard to say goodbye.

I have a new phone on my desk at work. We got a new phone system. I'm not excited about learning it either. We have so many lines to keep track of, conferencing to do, paging, intercoming, re-learning it all will suck. I think my boss is working on my review, she asked me about some classes I took thru work today. Um, more money would be nice thanks. I'm still looking diligently for a job. And a new place. I might just move to the town my brother is in. It's only 15 min from work.


Rachel said...

Sounds like you have a lot going on but being in love is always worth it. Hang in there with the jobs! That's very tough. I know what you mean about patience and tests. Can't we gals just get a break?

Mon said...

Really. I try to think that half the destination is getting there. One day this is all gonna seem to have been quite important in the grand scheme of things. I'm sure of it.