"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Greased Lightning...

I'd like to take this opportunity to pat my own back. Only my hand hurts, so I wont be doing that. Last night at work I hit my highest rate, at $14.70/hr. I made $66.14 for 4 1/2 hours of work. Which isn't too shabby in the data entry world. I keyed at 22,000 kph, and the requirement is 9,000 kph. That means I was almost triple the required speed. They would be fools to let me go. I freaking rock. It is my mission to beat my own records every night, and keep making the most money I can make. It was "open" last night so I was able to do the job I'm fastest on the whole night, which helped. All numbers.

I have to make bank so I can get my damned credit cards eliminated. It is my goal in 2008. Priority #1, cease working two jobs for the love of all that is holey.

I am exhausted today. Because I can't manage to get my ass out of bed to workout in the morning, so I do it at night, after working two jobs, at 11pm. So, at 12, after an hour workout I got a shower, cleaned my rabbit cage, vacummed, cleaned up trash the dog tore into in the laundry room, cleaned her ears and eyes, and folded laundry. I layed my wearey head to rest at 2am, and thought I was getting up at 6 to workout. Which, didn't happen.

It's a vicious cycle, so again, I'll have to do it after work, and not be able to sleep, and thus, the reason I am dragging ass 99% of the time, and have gained 10 lbs over the holidays. Yes. 10. I went from 5 days a week workouts to 3, and that's only an hour vs an hour and a half. Two jobs blows. I can't gain weight. And, if it kills me and I never sleep again, it will be gone...oh yes.

Have I mentioned it's hot? Last week, it's sub-zero, and today its 57? We had tornado warnings last night. Tornados?? In January? Weird!

Anyone watch that new show Cashmere Mafia? Love it! Love!


EC said...

Man, you do rock, that is awesome work!!

And YES, I did watch Cashmere Mafia - and I loved it! Do you konw they weren't even planning on airing the show? It was supposed to be on in September but got such bad reviews from someone that they cancelled it. They only let it air because of the writer's strike - well thank god for that. I hope it stays on for a while!

Mon said...

thank you, thank you....as i take a bow.
damn, im glad they aired it, i think its a good show, the girls are all believable as friends too!!! I hope they end up renewing it! =)

PJ said...

Good going girl! I love the determination I "hear" in your post. Keep on working hard, it will pay off in the long run. -- Patti