"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Like attracts Like...Duh...

You think I'd learn by now that being positive, brings positive into your life. It's a happy snappy Tuesday. Do you know what being well rested can do for you? Loads! I decided yesterday to stop worrying about everything. I have to focus on the positive. When I was at work I actually said "wow, I feel like a normal functioning human being". I didn't have to take caffine pills. And I didn't fall asleep at work, and made almost 60 bucks for the night! (that's 12.88/hr for a second part time job!) I don't feel the least bit guilty for taking time off the job. I obviously needed it. I was crying every day. Sick and stressed out. Stress makes you gain weight. Who's trying to lose weight? Me! Dammit!

Then you know what happened this morning? I got an email from the girl who just left my full time job (for supposedly 11,000 more a year than we make now) that there is an opening for an Admin at her new employer! *Angels sing* I am so excited, and I hope this pans out. She is really happy there, the benefits are excellent, and it's not much further from where I'm working now. What's better, is that you get vacation right away, and it's not corporate. Smaller companies are where it's at. Send me good thoughts, because this can be my big break! I can quit the second job, and move, and go to school. And...workout 5 days again vs. 3. Sweet! If I just had a better job, everything else would fall into place. Totally!! I'd have so much more time to enjoy my life! And the money to do it without living on bread and water.

I also called an employment office yesterday, to look for a job, because applying to 10 a week has really gotten me nowhere. She said she'd send my resume for a job making $1 more an hour, and an increase in 90 days. In 3 months I'd make more than I do in a year at my current job. See my dilemma?

My Momma got me new tires this weekend, and you know what new tires do? They make your car run better. It's even better on gas! Who knew? Not me. It's pretty weird. It steers better. Let alone, I got up my driveway after it snowed Saturday night, without so much as a slip of the wheels. Pretty. Awesome!

I've got 1 W-2 from my full time job. I am waiting on both the part time jobs. Tick....tock. I need some money. I look forward to a time when I get to file my taxes with only one W-2. How awesome will that be? Damn! One year I had 5! I think I'm about due for my big break. Fo shizzle!


Anonymous said...

Daaaang girl, good luck on that job with your friend!

New tires make a car feel like it's new doesn't it? :)

Mon said...

thank you! i hope it works out i hope hope hope!!!!! I was so clueless about tires making that big a difference!