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Monday, April 30, 2007

I'm Getting Married..

If you have any interest in my life, you should be excited. I'm getting married!! I know, a million questions. But, I have no answers. All I can say is that this is the year I'm getting married. Why? Well, it's simple, I saw Edwin on TV yesterday, as a sign from the heavens. I have him in Tivo to record anything he is in, and in 2 years, nothing has ever recorded. Sunday, there he was. On a wedding show. He talked about his wedding, blah blah, but he said that he is going to be available to play weddings this year. I'M HAVING EDWIN PLAY AT MY WEDDING. I don't care if I have to get married in my back yard, and serve KFC, Edwin will be singing at my wedding.

I also think that I missed my 10 thousand dollar phone call. I got an unknown call, I never get those. I never give out my number, and I pay money for a private number. They asked if I was me, it was a recording, and I hung up. It was all those years of dodging bill collectors that snuck up on me and made me do it. As soon as I hung up, I remembered the contest I entered to win 10 grand...was automated. So...be a dear, and tell me that if I won 10 grand, they certainly wouldn't have a recording call me...right?!! I don't owe anyone money.

It's monday. The hot construction worker is back. The girls saw him having breakfast in the grill. He said he had a bad week when he came by the first time...and I looked at the name tag work makes visitors wear. So, now we know his name. When he came by this morning, the second time...what was I doing? Touching myself. I was rolling all the cat hair off of my boobs with my lint roller. How hot am I? I swear, I have the dumbest luck.

Today's funny is this. Out on break, and over security's walkie, you hear "be advised, you have two naked individuals swimming in the pond". I'm totally looking for this one in the paper. We have this pond between our two buildings. You can see the pond where we break, but through the tree line, so I didn't see anyone. They picked the wrong place to skinny dip. Those security guys live for something to feel important about.

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Carla said...

Always awesome to see another Edwin fan! He and I share the same hometown, and while I have yet to see him milling around the city, it's bound to happen sometime.