"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, April 23, 2007

You Know What They Say About Idle Hands...

I was the busiest girl on Saturday. I got up at 10:30, and it was a beautiful day. I cleaned my carpets, upstairs and downstairs. Stripped my bed, and washed all my bedding. Steam cleaned my mattress. Euw. I don't even want to say how disgusting the water was that was sucked out of there. 10 years worth of grime. But I know everyone else's beds are likely just as dirty. Don't hate.

Then I steam cleaned all my furniture, and did several loads of laundry, and several comforters. Cleaned the rabbit cage. Scrubbed my back porch with soap and viniger, there was some nasty mold forming. Weeded my flower beds. Dusted. Did the dishes. Cleaned the rabbit cage. I even gave my stuffed Hello Kitty I sleep with a bath. After I steam cleaned the floors, I swept again. Then, I knocked a big ass potted plant over onto the floor. I got dirt all in my nice clean carpets. The good thing is, my new sweeper sucked it right out with no problem. I love my new sweeper.
After all of that, I had a delicious smoothie, and CP came over. We went on a bike ride for an hour. I was sorta worried that I wouldn't be able to hang like I could last summer, being my first trip of the season. It was nothin. Working out really does some good. I even got up the big hill on the way home, and my driveway from hell. I decided to try to take a nap from 7-10. That sure didn't happen.

You know, me and CP are friends now, and he does a lot of things for me, and I always tell him not to. It isn't like I expect him to or something. Well the other night he got ticked off at me for saying something about how I don't like worrying about his feelings, cus its hard enough to worry about mine. (was that mean?) Anyway...he said to me, that he does a lot for me and it would be nice if he got something in return. In essence, he wanted what is commonly referred to by men as "pussy payments".

I said are you really telling me...that you want me to have sex with you because you do things for me? He said yes. I mean, what is wrong with men, that they actually think it's normal to do stuff like that? It's not like I've never had a strictly sexual relationship with anyone, I am 31 you know. But this is CP, my former fiance. Sex only complicates things further when there are feelings involved. He tried to redeem himself and say that he meant something completely different, but whatever!

I got a present today from one of my VP's. He got me this gourd pot thing with a lid from the Caymen Islands. They are all back from their cruise. Time to be super busy again. Have I mentioned my ass hurts? from the bike ride? That's never happened before. I think it means my ass is less fat. At least that is my story.


EC said...

Guys are assholes!

'nuff said :)

Celina said...

How do you even have the energy to do all that cleaning??
>:/ (that's a frowny mad face for CP)
Oh, and your smoothie recipe from friday sounds yummy!