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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hello Lost Check...

Friday night I noticed I had only one check in my checkbook, so I got a new pack of checks, but didn't put them in my book, I left them on my end table at home. I was alone all weekend, until Saturday night when my brother and Kat were over. I didn't think about my checks again until last night, when I went to put it in my purse. I noticed, something missing off the front, at first I thought it was a checkbook cover perhaps. So I went and got my box of checks to see how they looked. They were all the same, each pack started with a green Hello Kitty check riding a dolphin.

This one started with a purple Hello Kitty with hearts. Looking closer, you could tell that the front should have been green, there was a check, along with it's carbon copy missing.
I got into my last check, and noticed there is a number missing between the two also. Fuck. The sad part is, it was someone I know, because I have never had the checks outside of the house. I asked everyone I know regardless of if they were in my house that weekend if they took it. Like if someone did, they'd say yes. I thought maybe it was a joke at first, ha ha, let's scare Monica. Only I'm not laughing. Once, my brother used my ex boyfriends credit card while we were on vacation, to charge $150 worth of porn online.

I could stop payment on it for $33 but the sad part of that is, that in this day and age, all one needs is your routing and account number to do whatever the fuck they want to do online. Bullshit. It's just what I need being that I'm down to one job. Someone to wipe out what money I do have.

I watched Charlotte's Web last night, and I decided that I want to have a farm. With a pig. And a sheep. And a goat. K? I'll get right on that.


EC said...

I would wait for it to go through, and then immediately dispute it with the bank. They will credit the money back, and then you can figure out by the handwriting who did it and possibly bring charges against the person. If you have already narrowed it down to 1 or 2 people then it should be pretty easy.

Bianca said...

You could always close that account and open a new one. It's a drastic step, but then you don't have to keep an eye out for fraudulent charges.

Celina said...

Aww man! That sucks! Maybe they'll decide not to spend it... How was the movie? I'm planning to rent it this weekend.

Mon said...

Im thinking i used it for direct deposit because there is no record of it at the bank as going through.....

i know i hate the thought of closing it after 16 years.

charlottes web was adorable of course! brought back memories! sniff sniff!