"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, April 16, 2007

Monday Schmonday Big Fat Sundae...

So, I inadvertently quit my second job this weekend. How does one do such a thing? I switched 2 shifts with girls who wanted my hours. I thought this wknd was one of them. I was cleaning my laundry room and at 6:00 I went to check my phone and I got a call at 3:05. Apparently I was suppose to work 3-11. I never called them. I felt bad all weekend about it, but then I thought it's a sign because I'm tired of working my life away. What's the point of having money, when you can't enjoy having it? I'm not entirely sure what I'm gong to do. Get another job? Find a sugar daddy? Who knows!

I made only the best smoothie ever in my smoothie maker. Ice, Orange juice, bananna, nonfat vanilla yogurt and a dab of sugar free strawberry preserves. A meal in a cup! Quite Tasty! Deee licous! I should start selling them, their that good m'kay?

This Friday the 13th, when I got out my Friday the 13th Box set, from Crystal Lake to Manhattan to watch, I thought to myself how much I miss my ex-ex boyfriend. He bought the best gifts ever. Seriously, I got flowers all the time, and the gifts he got me weren't generic and cheap. But, in all other aspects he was pretty much useless. So maybe I didn't miss him after all. I just miss the stuff. Sometimes I can be a super big bitch. Sometimes.

Someone has a mouse living in her garage. I say a mouse, because I don't want to think about the possibility that I'm infested. At Christmas, I noticed my santa gourd was missing half his beard, and it was obviously chewed off to be used for mouse bedding. I have 3 boxes of crap from when I was unjustly let go from my job, in the garage. I got in there to get my computer speakers out and noticed a package of instant oatmeal chewed open. My brother said I should put a mouse trap out there, and I said mouse trap? I've got FOUR FREAKING CATS! Hopefully this keeps the mice from getting in my house! Farmers always said female cat urine keeps mice away. I told him I thought traps were inhumane, and he said "so you would let your cats
torture the mouse to death?" Yea, cus that's called nature. And I don't have to pick up a dead carcass that way either. We all win.

Did you have a fabulous weekend? I went to 80's night. It was metal bands of the 80's. It was raining ice. Super. It's freezing cold, and all our vice presidents are on a freaking cruise to the carribean. Yeah, I know...it blows. So, a retarded boy tried to pick me up this weekend. I don't really know that he was retarded, and for some reason I vaguely remember him trying to pick me up before, but with my track record, it could have been anyone, anywhere. I attract the most interesting characters. He was out on the dance floor, dancing to the beat of his own drummer, all alone.

He introduced himself to me, and asked me my name and I think was asking me to dance when my brother came back and rescued me. I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do about a second job yet. I think it's a sign that my 10 grand is on it's way. I'm thinking it's way into my hands. I havn't not worked two jobs in years.


sazza said...

I think you did the right thing to be honest. The job situation will work out, be positive!

EC said...

1 word - sugardaddie.com :)

I love 80's night too, I try to go as much as possible to the bar near my house that has one, the music is great!