"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Walk Like a Man...

So, the past few nights, I've dreamt that I am a man. I think I'm still suppose to be a girl, because the fact that I'm growing a go-t confuses me, and I'm not that happy about dating women. Unless I'm a gay man. I wonder what the fuck that is suppose to mean?

I blame that show Work Out, because that Jackie is a lesbian. But, she doesn't look or act like your typical lesbian is usually portrayed. Aside from the making out with women. And, how she turns one of her employees to the other side. I dunno. Maybe I secretly have the hots for her, and I'm dreaming I'm a man? Whatever, I don't pretend to understand!

Guess who I think are the assholes of the week? People who hit fucking geese in the street. I mean, their geese, they waddle. It isn't like they jump out in front of the car, and suprise you. I have no respect for people who kill an animal instead of barreling over a cliff, or getting stuck in a ditch. They are what matters most. I don't care if they crap all over, or hiss at you. If you havn't guessed it, I've seen a lot of dead geese on the side of the road lately.

So, one of my new friends at work has turned in her notice. She's leaving to be home with her kids. Betch! She is my bestest work friend, we are so much alike, and we crack each other up. Cus...we're freaking hilarious! So, they hired this new girl. And I know I'm suppose to be positive and whatnot, but I dunno. This chick is too nice. She's nicely annoying. Or annoyingly nice, I mean. Send help.


sazza said...

Help is on the way Mon! Just keep a close eye on new-gal, bet she has a dark, dark past!

As for the geese, there is just no need for that! Just to add, I had a very freaky dream last night too - I stabbed someone. It was truely horrible.

Mon said...

I bet she does, shes just too perky!!!