"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sexual Harassment is For Girls....?

Happy Administrative Professionals day! I see no gifts for this particular day on my desk. *sigh*
I'm minding my own business at work, as I often do. Ok, so I brought my camera and I'm trying to capture my coworkers (CW) last days for a video I'm making her. Anyhow, they moved some of our VP's because their making some offices bigger. Making things bigger means they have men here. Working men. I like me a working man. That's hot, right?

Ok, so some cute boys walked by "the secreterial pool" and I told CW omg, did you see that guy??? She said uh-huh, you got a date tonight, I'm hooking you up. I said "don't you dare!". So we're talking, and here he comes by again, and shes leaning on my cubicle staring at him going "oh oh here he comes!" I was trying to get her to shut up, and I was throwing papers at her, which didn't work. When he turned the corner, he was laughing.

I said "good goin, CW, now there goes our eye candy!" She said "they love that shit, he'll be back alright, and he'll bring a friend". Being older and wiser, I guess I should have trusted her. Cus not five minutes later, there he went walking right by us again...with a friend! I said for god's sake, you'd think we were in a women's prison or something. Men....uhhhhh look, men. Oh well, a dirty working man is hot to me. I can't help it. So he's come by my desk quite a few times.

One girl said she totally caught him doing a triple take. They say when he walks by he looks at me. I'm embaressed. I have bad hair, and no make up on today mkay? But I do have a cleavage friendly shirt on. One time he came by and asked if we were done dancing. Cus we might have been dancing one time when he went by. I wonder if we can get in trouble for harassing the boys? It's made for a fun day. Hearing the power tools and having conversations like...

Me: "Ohh..the sound of a power tool. I like a good drill."
CW: "Especially the sound it makes when the screw goes in too far"

Oh yea.

The new girl who is training with CW is just like her. So now, they are both over there discussing how they are going to go find me a hot construction worker to go out with. They'll line them up according to single or taken. They said if I don't know what their doing, then I can't be embaressed. Uh, OK. Wish me luck making it through the next few days of construction.

One thing that stinks about working for executives, is knowing when someone is getting canned, and not being able to warn them. I hope that people felt that shitty when I got let go. It's one of my favorite district managers. He calls every day. I don't know why it's happening, but I have to set up a call for all my VPs mgrs except for him. And set up a call with him and all that managers stores. And I can't tell anyone. And I have to wait to the last minute and personally call the stores. That's what I've been doing all day. It makes me feel like crap-o-latte. Poor guy. Good thing I have a boy to distract me.


Bianca said...

Yeah, construction men can be hot. I also love men in uniform. Yum.ww

EC said...

Find one, screw his brains out and then dump him... lol. They are hot, but generally are idiots!