"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Snot A Lot Going On...

I have no idea why we get colds. I think it's the government's way of killing us slowley. And, a way to make drug company's rich. Why hasn't any one cured it? For something so "common" I don't buy that they can't fix it. I swear in the future someone had better figure this shit out. Why do we just accept that there is no cure? We all suffer needlessly how many times a year?

First, I was stuffed up. I got the Robitussin for congestion. Then, all night at work, I'm like a faucet on full force. Sneezing globs of it, blowing a box of kleenex worth of it. You know, the snot, there was no end to it. Today, I went to get some Robitussin for allergies. The worst kind of cold is the crappy sinuses. When your eyes water, and you sneeze. Now, I'm not quite stuffed up, yet not quite runny and sneezy. I'd say I'm at a medicated medium, and I'll live with that.

Friday night wasn't much fun. It sucks working midnights, especially when you just want to curl up in your warm (CLEAN) bed with your warm pets and sleep for a weekend. Nothing exciting happened in the world of law enforcement. Some dude got his wallet stolen at the nudie bar at 4:30 in the morning. Then, the cops had to drive his drunk ass home, because two cab companies wouldn't take his beligerant ass. He probably deserved to have his wallet stolen. His wife was probably at home worried about him. Dickhead.

It's 2 am. All that has happened tonight, was one drunk lady got hauled in, then taken to the hospital after she was arrested, cus she said she'd kill herself. I had to go back to witness her breathalizer test, and her rights, and the whole time she kept talking to the officer, pleading with him and crying. I know it's wrong to drink and drive, but I can't help but feel sorry for them. Do you see why I marry and date the wrong people? I feel sorry for drunks. I can't believe that just came out of my fingertips. I'm such an asshole! Seriously though, the phone barely rang, and only 1 person has come in tonight.

I'm enjoying a nice vanilla nonfat yogurt, with some granola cereal. It's a good snack. I put sugar free strawberry preserves in it sometimes. Usually I pack the granola separate. I was lazy tonight and just mixed it together and it's sat for hours. Now, its like eating yogurt with oatmeal in it. No crunch. Not as exciting for me.

I got turkey breast at the grocery store, I usually get whatever non-generic brand is on sale, if there is no sale, then I don't eat meat that week. I'm not a big fan of meat. You could go two ways with that one... but don't. I got some natural kind that was on sale. It was everything free, fat, gluten, no hormones, I dunno, a bunch of shit. The funny thing is, it tasted like turkey. Like, when you make a turkey breast, and it tastes like turkey? Like, when you eat chicken with nothing on it and it tastes like chicken. You follow? I guess I don't want to really know what goes into most turkey lunch meat now.

I prefer to live in my own little world where food is concerned. I don't eat lips. Or ears. Or feet. Or penises. Again, don't go there. I don't like to think that while I'm enjoying my eggs, some chicken is lonley cus we stole her baby. I think I'm safe since I don't eat hot dogs. Just let me think that. Don't shatter my bubble.

Speaking of food. I stopped buying bread. I was getting the weight watchers low carb bread, but I still ate it too much. I'm what you call a carb addict. I love bread so much, I'd make anything into a sandwich. My top two favorites are mashed potatos and spaghetti sandwiches. I was always against cutting them out cus it's stupid to do when you work out, and I think you should eat what you want. I just buy whole wheat pasta now, not like I don't have ANY carbs.


Bianca said...

I know what you mean by turkey that tastes like turkey and chicken that tastes like chicken. I actually really don't like chicken that tastes like chicken.w

EC said...

I hope you feel better soon!

To me, the night you have at work sounds pretty exciting, lol

I'm a carb addict too - love, love, love bread and anything that has like 80 carbs, lol.