"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, April 09, 2007

Hippotus Hoppitus...

How was your easter? The easter bunny didn't come to my house, but that only means, I wont gain any weight, so I'm fine with it. I'll miss the reese's eggs. And Starburst jelly beans. And frozen peeps. And pastel M&M's, and Dove eggs. But, I'll survive. My ass will thank me later!

Me and my brother went to Chili's for Easter Dinner. Lots of people eat out for the holiday. I had me some chicken tacos, and a big ass margarita. It was the shit. And, I didn't stress out. I didn't break a sweat cooking. I didn't wonder what I'd make. I didn't spend $100 bucks on one meal. I didn't wash a dish, or sweep a floor, or wipe a counter top. I think this eating out thing is the way to go! Plus, I have leftovers for dinner tonight! Bonus!

I got somewhat tipsy on Friday, but I deserved it since I've gone virtually weeks without a drop of alchohol which is good for me. I met kat and some folks at the bar for a drink. But, that's after I had a bottle of wine and colored eggs with CP. Oh yea, by tipsy I mean I puked a few times. Nice. It was the wine, and the shot, and the beer. Never do the last two with wine. You would think I'd have learned a lesson or something.

Coloring eggs was so much fun. I havn't done it for years! I made my Mom a craked yellow one, since she's still got pins in her arm. She called me a bitch. Bitch. I made one for each of my family members with stickers. Oh, we shrink wrapped some too, that was fun. Eating them was even more fun. I forgot how delicious they are. Even better, is that I made the perfect boiled eggs thanks to Martha Stewart. I always over-boiled them. Bring them to a boil, turn them off, wait 7 minutes, rinse in cold water. Brilliant.

Guess who kicked her brother's ass, and broke her own record at silverstrike bowling on Saturday? Yep, that's right, ME! I got a 190, cus I rock. Kat cheated and had the guy that works there and posesses the high score help her. You know cheaters never win, and she didn't! We took some boy home that lives by the Circle K. He kept trying to get me and my brother to come over to play Foos ball, and drink beer. He was really drunk. But it was my neighborly duty to drive him home. And we all know I'm the bestest neighbor.

My new most favorite thing in the world is vanilla non-fat yogurt, with grape nuts in it. It's even better with frozen strawberries. I can eat a big ole thing of it for 100 calories. Mmmmm. Delicious! I also only took off Friday from working out. Normally I take off Friday and Sunday, but since I'm awesome, I worked out yesterday too. I'm starting to finally tell a difference after all this time. And it feels fabulous!

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Bianca said...

Good girl for the working out! Isn't it nice to be able to see a difference?