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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Theres A 'P' Running Down Your Leg..

I had my review at work. Well it's not technically a review, as no pay increase was involved, but still, I got to hear what a fantastic employee I am. My boss said that she remembered from my interview that at my last job, I left the department because my boss wouldn't give me a chance to advance. She wanted to be sure I was happy so that didn't happen here. She said she gets the feeling I don't want to get bored in my job. I could tell she wanted to say "I know you don't want to just be a secretary". I told her that I like diversity, and once it becomes routine, I might get bored. She told me there are lots of opportunities if I wanted them, to do more reporting, and analytical projects. I told her I was very interested in that. I miss working on the website at the old job, and figuring something out on my own, and feeling accomplished!

She told me she was willing to teach me all sorts of things, and that one of my VP's is also willing to do the same. When he asks me to do things, he explains the background, he says he wants me to know all I can about the company. I'm about to be a fantastic asset! I don't get a pay increase until February, but I look at it as I have that much longer to learn more, and earn a bigger increase! Of course, I also got to hear how impressed she was with how fast I caught on to the way things run, and how well I document my job.

I'm not ashamed to admit this, considering how tired I've been. Last night, I woke myself up at 3:15, peeing the bed. I get up every night to pee at 2, and 4. I didn't wake up at all until then. I blame being so exhausted, yet unable to allow myself to rest! I took the night off working out last night to have dinner w/CP, but I still stayed up all night. I can't allow myself to go to sleep early. Cus then I feel like I'm living to work. So, I had to take all the bedding off at 3:15.
And remake it. I realized, I only have 2 sets of non-flannel sheets. I think I need to keep an eye out for a sale.

Here it is Wednesday, and I'm still not recovered from working that freaking weekend shift from hell. You know, I hear that I can have my old job at Taco Bell back if I wanted it. If I did that, it would be the fifth time I went back. I bet I could make more money there. It's further away from home. Free food. Ugh, the public. Better hours. Good exercise. Kids today are so lazy, and I might have to kill one. Well, it's something to think about. That would be a hoot to tell the police station, um I'm leaving, cus I can make better money and get better hours doing fast food.

I brought a ring to work to get some work done. It's a diamond cluster ring, from the ex-husband. I tried to sell it, but they only offered me $50 for a $500 ring at the jeweler, so I'm just going to keep it. I'm having it rodium plated, so it'll be white gold, and sized a little bit, and it'll be my "right hand ring". I get a discount on special orders and repairs, which I just found out, so I'm taking advantage.

Since I know you all care, my TiVo has fixed itself. The time is now correct. Rejoice.

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