"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Sorta Random Bits...

I gave my doggie her bath and, got her bedtime treat and said lets go to bed! I also use this phrase in the morning when she knows that "go to bed" in the morning means go down in the laundry room for the day. She's now 11, her birthday was yesterday, so she's not as spry as she use-ta be, so she got all excited, and hopped down one step, and I said "no" and she
stopped, then proceeded to fall the rest of the way down the steps!!

All I could do was watch her twist and turn and try to stop herself, til she hit the bottom, did a roll, and got right up and shook it off. Thank God she didn't break a bone. It was probably the scariest thing to happen to me in a while. My poor little punkin head! I told her, she'd feel that in the morning. You always feel fine after an injury until you sleep on it. Suprisingly, she seems to be perfectly fine. Phew!

It snowed and iced last night. You couldn't tell from looking, but the roads were horrific. There was 6 accidents just on the way in, and all over on the radio. The poor daffodills have all wilted and fallen over. That's life in the heartland! Gotta love it!

I signed up for classes at work. I dunno how other places work, but I always had to to go Cleveland for any training classes before, outside the company. We have an entire department dedicated to training employees. How fun is that? Just a walk downstairs. The first one, is an entire four hour class....about our mission statement. I wish I were kidding! Mission statements remind me of Jerry McGuire. I also have to take one on how to be partners with our employees in "the field", and the last one is team diversity. After that I can take fun stuff, like more programming classes. I'm gonna be an even smarter cookie.

I really want to buy a new mattress. And, by "buy" I mean charge it. I'm also really thinking about quitting that shit part time job. But that would mean I have to work all I can for a couple months, and Put every penny I earn towards paying off a credit card. I have one that is only $500. I would be so happy to be rid of it! That's an extra $50 a month I'd have. And, last time I quit my part time job, I really regretted it. I was also pulling down about $800 a week.

So, did I get any sleep yet? Well, I had a nap from 8:30-9:45. I fully intended to just walk for 30 minutes, then shower and nap. But once I start working out I psyche myself up and say, I'm already doing it, what's 15 min more? Or, why not still do crunches? You'll feel better tomorrow. So, by the time I do all that and get a bath it's 8:00. When I went to bed at the usual midnight, I tried reading to make me sleep. Only, I couldn't sleep because I was afraid I'd pee the bed. So, I
was up every 15 minutes peeing. Then, my usually adorable pile of cats on the pillow annoyed the shit out of me. I kept moving them, and they'd come right back.

**Now, on to LOST! Don't continue if you didn't watch.....**
I thought this episode was friggin' awesome! I loved how Kate had a connection to Sawyer thru his baby momma. And who doesn't know, that Juliette intentionally got left behind, as a spy. Hello, Ethan? But, it's going to get interesting having her at camp, driving Kate mad with jealousy! Maybe she'll kick her ass again? Hurley's attempt to get Sawyer to be nice to everyone seemed to be the only thing to make him happy the whole show. Too bad it's going to be heated when Jack gets back.

And, the monster. Ummm, it's never done that thing before, with the light. Obviously this is some important info to remember. Juliette knows what it is. I can't wait til Sayid goes all Henry Gayle on her ass to get the info from her. Can't wait til next week!


Bianca said...

Poor doggie. Give her lots of extra skisses and treats!

Celina said...

Awww! Poor little puppy! Kinda reminds me of the time I gave flea meds to my little kitty and she had a real bad reaction (siezures & foamy mouth)!! It was sooo scary!
I could get you a GREAT deal on a mattress, if you come to MS to pick it up! :)