"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Contents Under Pressure...

Ok, so the good thing about having outspoken friends is, you get to meet people. The bad thing about having outspoken friends is...you get to meet people. I dunno why I ever told my Coworker (CW) that I thought the construction guy was hot, because her, and new girl, have made it their personal mission to hook me up. It's embaressing.

Yesterday, I found out that at the end of the day, she told him she had someone she wanted him to meet. New girl, got his CELL PHONE number. I was dying of embaressment. Is it obvious that it's me that they are talking about? I could die. Today...she decided she was going to go track him down in one of the rooms he was working. She did. She came back and told us all about him. I guess he opened up and told her his life story. Found out he lives right around my job, which is a ritzy area. He said his girlfriend left him last week, in a 1,000 a month apartment. (thats a lot around here) That was why he's been down in the dumps. He has a half sister that has twins. I mean, the story goes on and on.

He is my age. He said he isn't into looking for a relationship but isn't opposed to going out and having a good time. Hey hey hey. Lookie here, I'm not looking for one either, but I'm all for having a good time. Wonder why they broke up? So, as I'm typing this, he came by. He said "you guys are always talking, I don't ever see you doing any work." Then he pointed at me and said "well, her I do" I said thats right, I'm a model employee, my boss sits next door, tell her that.

So then the girls got up and said he was flirting with me. I swear, I'm dense if that was flirting. I dunno anything about this stuff. As always, I will keep you informed on the ever-changing story that is me.


Leigh said...

Take a chance and ask him out!

Kentucky Girl said...

Sounds like it could potentially be fun! :D

Celina said...

Somebody's got his eye on you!! :) Yay Mon!! I say, flirt like crazy!!