"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, April 27, 2007

Workin For The Weekend...For Work....

I seem to have caught a bug. I have some nasty sinus crap going on. I just love being sick, and then having to work overnight after a full day's work. You know, I'm lying.

I got my ring back today that I had plated! It looks brand new. Of course, I wanted it plated white gold and they did it regular, but thats OK because it looks beyoootiful. It's 10 years old. I got it for my second wedding anniversary. You know, 2 weeks before my ex husband left me. Bastard. I'm not bitter though. I have a nice ring to sport and he has a new ugly wife. Burrrrn. I'm mean. So what.

One of the new girls at work is all dressed up, (it's jeans day) so I asked her does she have a date tonight. She said she does in fact, have a date. She went on to say how she didn't really like the guy, because he is too dark. I guess I have to say that she is black. She said "I know that probably sounds funny to you" well, yes it does. But I guess we all have our preferences. That's how sheltered I am, right? She is the one in love with one of my VP's.

The one who today, when he brought me his mail folders, forgot his yellow one. Firstly, I'm suppose to pick them up but he loves to bring them back and smack them on the desk and scare me. It' all in good fun, don't worry. Anyhoo..I said "you didnt bring the yellow one back" to which he replied "Listen, I don't need you bitching at me, I got enough of that last week on the trip" I said "you didn't have a fun cruise?" He said his wife went with him. I told him that was his wife's job to bitch at him, and he said he wanted to quit that job. Daaaaamn. I gues he's cute because he is fun to joke with, but she finds him attractive. She said "now, he's not too dark" She cracks my shit up!

We get all the counseling forms from stores to go to HR, because our VP's have to sign off on them. I got one for that VP that was for an employee who had poor hygeine. He brought it back after he signed it and he said did you happen to read that? And I said yea, I did, and I laughed. He said, it was better than how the DM worded it. He said "I have to counsel someone who smells like he ate a shit sandwich". I laughed until I cried. It's my new favorite saying for when things stink.

Like the egg that I put in someones desk. I had a hard boiled egg in my bag for 3 days. I threatened my coworker with it when she was talking to the construction boy for me. I said you better watch it or I'll peg you with this egg. Yea, it's still in my bag. So I cracked it and put it at someones desk behind a box. I hope I'm not on camera. I clorox wipe'd my fingerprints off of it. You can't be too careful. So soon, I can say "damn (insert coworkers name) it smells like a shit sandwich over here" Those are my stories from work. It's all I got.


lisa said...

I like the way you make your own fun.Shit sandwich! That shit is funny. I will be sure to be using that one as well.

Rev. Qelqoth said...

Shit sandwiches certainly are an acquired taste, that's for sure.

Janet said...

Something is definitely going around. It's reached all the way over here in NJ, too.:) I was sick weeks ago, and technically I'm better, but my ears (although I can hear) feels like they've got plugs in. What gives?

Mon said...

true, if we wait for the fun to happen to us, all you do is waste a lot of time!

I wouldn't know, and am intrigued that you do....

I dunno I think its the shock from the sunshine. I blame the sun. It's the only thing different.