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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Being Shy Sometimes Sucks....

I am sad to report, that my hottie construction worker has left the building. He did however say he would probably be back next week. I saw him working out in the atrium today, and when he came by my desk I smiled at him and said "good morning". Cus, I'm so pleasant, and friendly. He said he's out of here today, but he might be back next week. The girls are all pissed I didn't ask him out. Um, I don't do those sorts of things. I'm old fashioned. That's probably why I also never get what I want. I'll work on that. I promise.

I think he is the drywall guy cus he was out fixing cracks, so once their done putting up the drywall they'll probably have him come back to spackle it. Or, whatver you call that. By the end of the day yesterday I had talked to him about patching a hole. Mmm hmm, I know what your thinking, but it was a hole in a planter. He's pretty cute, and I got up and fixed my hair today even though I'm sick and he left. He did do a dance for us that was adorable. He has some good moves. mmmm hmmm. Yup. Sure thing. See ya next week.

I watched Deja Vu this week. That was kind of a pretty gay movie. I didn't like it. I also got one of the 8 movies from horror fest....Grave Dancers. I'm watching that tonight. I can't wait, you can rent all the horrorfest movies. Heros is back on. Yayyyy. This may sustain my Lost withdrawl, long enough until Big Brother starts, and I then have a new obsession. I can't help it that I love TV.

It's bring your kid to work day. I spose it's a big ta-do around here. My manager brought her 2 boys, and one of the big VP's brought his son. They had some learning thing for them downstairs where they got different gems and learned how they are made. Their not real. Of course. And they had them set up display windows like our stores. Now, we have them shredding all of our old reports.

So did you watch Lost? If you didn't, don't read any further.........Ok, so I know everyone is probably pissed off that they think the Losties are dead now, and in some sort of limbo. But the producers specificaly said they weren't before. I don't buy it. But, didn't you love Hurley's response? "There were no survivors on flight 815, they were all dead" "What?" I think that the others have proven that they are pretty sneaky with cover ups, and I think they made it look like the plane was discovered with no survivors, to make them think they are all dead. Another mind game thing. Ben loves mind games...remember?

Jin used some kung-fu shit on the russian that I just thought was pretty bad-ass! I imagined that he'd get some points for that over at Aprpos of Something's Lost-vivor game. I thought it was cute that Sun was so happy to be having Jin's baby. I dunno do we trust Juliette? She's going along with Ben, but then she hates him, as she said off-tape after making he recording. WTF? Does she seriously think Ben will let her go? And we still don't know who the girl from the sky is. Although, I think she may have been the russan's replacement. Why else would he be running to find her? How did she know how to speak to everyone. She spoke english to Desmond, Spanish to Hurley, and Chinese to Jin, though Jin said he spoke Korean, and Italian to Mikhail. And what the fuck, Mikhail was fried on the electric fence! He's a pretty good faker.

Are they dead? Are they alive? Are they dead in real time, but alive in the past on the island? I dunno. I can't wait til Locke comes back and wants Sawyer to kill Ben. Some sort of test I think. Weirdo stuff man! I love this freaking show!

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Jess said...

I'm betting it's not Ben who Locke wants Sawyer to kill, but rather Locke's father. I suspect Locke's dad is going to turn out to be the "real" Sawyer who murdered our Sawyer's dad.

That's the most confusing series of words I've ever written.