"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tossing and Turning it Over to the Cats....

I sure didn't sleep well last night. Freaking cats. Sometimes they annoy me. I sleep in a queen bed with 4 cats and a dog. Since I've been living single, sometimes one or two cats will sleep on the spare pillows, and leave my head alone. But the dog owns that pillow 99% of the time, and still, there is generally a push fest between at least two cats, involving my head.

They like to nuzzle my face with their whiskers. Purr. They have to put their paws in my face, and touch me. If one does, then the other does. As if to say "No, I touched her last". "No I did". It's so fabulous to be adored. Then, I hear the dog rustling around on the newspaper I put down to deter her from peeing on the floor. I got up and caught her crapping! I put her outside, tried to go back to sleep. More of the same. Assaulted by cats. I put up with this crap until 2 am, I couldn't fall asleep. So, I relinquished my bed to my pets. I slept on the couch.

I know you think this is pathetic, but first I did try to lock the cats out of the room. But then they just scratch and paw at the door until I couldn't stand that anymore either. Do you now see, how much my pets run my life? I might need therapy or something. You know those assholes followed me out to the couch, and proceeded to bat around the catnip container. I had to take it from them, but by then they were already stoned. They chased each other around and on top of me until about 3 am.

I dunno about me sometimes. Who on earth does this shit? One might say that I should be a vet, but watching E-vet interns last night, I remembered why. Sometimes they die. And, you have to tell the owner. And the owner is a man, who is bawling over his poor dog that died. It tore my heart out. Not for me. Uh-uh.

New girl update:
She is going to school, and majoring in shakespear. Majoring. Who does that? No one I know thanks. She also likes dancing with the stars. Lots of people do, but she said she likes to go to the ballroom dance competitions. She also actually said she wanted to go to one of our stores (not our employee store) and buy something at full price, because getting the discount seems so "unethical". Shut. The. Hell. Up!


Frances said...

Hi Mon,
Just wanted to drop in and say hi. Working on a project this month so I haven't been updating blogjem or the meme section. Your Easter sounds great - so was mine - I ate out and went to see The Reaping. Take care,

Ken Albin said...

Pathetic? I woke up this morning with a cat on either side of me and dodged 6 more on the way to the kitchen. Each night I have to pet the two spoiled ones an equal amount before I go to sleep or the other one gets mad and starts fighting. Now who's pathetic?! LOL

Janet said...

This is why my fiance ultimately got rid of the stray he picked up. He couldn't take all the neediness. Cats are such attention whores:)

Mon said...

I saw that you were on hiatus! The reaping looked good!

I think there might be a support group for people like us. Good to know I'm not alone!

ahhhh! Their only whores when they want to be. When you want attention, their too busy licking themselves. But, that's why I love cats!

sazza said...

I told you - she has a dark, dark past! LOL. As for going to the store - what an arse!!!

supplymadam said...

Same reason I don't sleep well. We have a king size bed for me,my hubby and a 27lb dog who likes to sleep perpendicular or curled up in my nook.