"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, April 02, 2007

When Time Can't Go Fast Enough.......

Good Godfrey, I'm freaking tired. You know working that shift on the weekend throws my week all to hell. Friday I worked of course, my 8-5, then 11p-7a on 2 hours of sleep.

7:15am arrived home, and I decided it would be a swell idea to get some shit done before I went to bed. I carted down my trash, cleaned out my car, and by the time I let the dog out, cleaned up her shit, and fed all the animals, it's 8:15. I'm wide awake.

8:15...I get the dumbshit idea, to workout. Might as well, I knew I wouldn't feel like it when I got up later Saturday afternoon, and I had to work off the chex mix, and energy drink binge I was on. I thought I'd just walk for 30 minutes, and be done with it. Thirty minutes turned into 45, and then I still did weights and abs. What time is it now?

9:30.. Hm. I decided to watch some TV, and throw a load of clothes in. I kept calculating my 5 hour sleep time by the hour. Ok, It's 9:30...if I go to sleep now, I can get up at 2:30 and then I'll have 8 hours until I have to go back into work.

10:30. No, I'm not asleep yet, but I'm on my way! I finally got into bed.

11:30 Time for a hot bath, because I couldn't fucking sleep. Brilliant idea working out right before bed. I started dozing off in the tub, so I got back into bed.

12:00 If I go to sleep now, I can get up at 5, and then I'll have 5 1/2 hours until I go back into work. Sleep finally came.

3:30 The ex Z called me. from Arizona. I only answered cus it's the fourth time a Rhode Island number came up on my phone. (I know, the two don't make sense to me either) Apparently he is driving cars cross country.

4:00. Kat texted me. Am I home? Yes. I'm sleeping.

4:30. Wide awake. Ever see that movie, Fight Club? I'm now thinking, Tyler Durden is out collecting body fat to make soap while I'm stuck at home counting the seconds until I fall asleep again.

4:45. Still awake

5:00 Got out of fucking bed, because obviously, I wasn't meant to sleep. I got three and a half hours of sleep. Add this to the 2 I had before work Friday night, and I have been up for.....uhhh....2 plus 2 is 4, 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, carry the two....mmmmm...well, a really long freaking time. Since 6:45 Friday morning.

6:30 Kat came over to show me her new car. We ended up at Starbucks, next door to where one of my exes works. He was there, you couldn't miss his big ass. I got a carmel light frappucinno. Yum. We also got the wrong drink, which Kat sucked some whipped cream off of, and got to keep it. Pretty good tactic. Only, neither of us wanted it. We saw that the ex got into a new truck. A new, UGLY truck I might add. He never did have good taste. Shit, except in women, but that goes without saying.

7:45 Walk past the cell phone store where said ex works, and I see my old friend Steph inside! Me and Kat went in to talk to her. I knew her since like, 1980 something. I havn't seen her for like 8 years! Small world!!

8:30 Arrive back home. Wash my hair. Think to myself..."self, remember how back on Leave it to Beaver, and Happy Days, washing your hair was a perfectly good excuse to stay home? I wonder if I could call off work, since I am in fact....washing my hair?"

9:00 Give the dog a bath.

9:15 Blow dry the dog

9:30 Clean the rabbit cage

9:45-10:30 I didn't do a damn thing but watch The Ghost Whisperer.

10:30 Circle K. Need. Energy drink.

11:00 Work.

7:00 am on Sunday lather, rinse, repeat. I'm a walking zombie. The only thing I can say good about working midnights, is the phone barely rings, and just about the only people that come in are either; a)picking up a drunk b)wanting to bail a drunk out of jail, and I send them to the jail, or, c)drunk themselves, coming to pick up a drunk friend, and wind up having to sit in the lobby and wait for another friend after failing a field sobriety test at the police station. People are so flipping stupid. The best part is the entire place is mic'd and I can hear their stupid cell phone calls.

So since I slept all day yesterday I was up until 2 am and back up at 7 for work. I had a cappuccino for breakfast. And a Starbucks Frappacinno for lunch. I'm losing steam pretty fast. All for $8.25 an hour.


Janet said...

Woah, you must be running on fumes, girlfriend! Be sure to give yourself some serious downtime soon.

Celina said...

Kudos to you for sticking with 2 jobs! I really don't know how you do it--I've never been one who can "get by" on less than 5 or 6 hours of sleep!! (No late night cramming or partying for me!)
Don't forget to enjoy life, too!

Mon said...

I'm thinking when I go home im taking a sleeping pill. its the only way. lol

i know, i keep thinking about that. enjoying life. Whats the point if you dont enjoy it!