"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Art of Ass Kissing....

I woke up this morning, and it was a little too bright outside. I slept in. I couldn't find my cell phone, which I use for my alarm clock. After I jumped out of bed in a panic, there it was. Underneath me. Flipped open. Apparently, I couldn't reset my alarm and fell asleep on it. I vaguely remember having trouble resetting the thing this morning. I think I need to get to bed earlier than I do. I'm sick of being tired. I set my alarm every day an hour early with the intention that I'm going to get my ass up and work out in the AM so I can do more in the evenings after work, and not be exercising until 7. Yet, I don't go to bed an hour earlier.

I called the police station last night. Because the leutenant called my voicemail and asked me to let him know what happened. I think I can still use the danged money. I might have made up a story like that, I went out of town and didn't get the messages. And that's because though it was an honest mistake, it's not entirely believable that I wouldn't call when I got the messages. So, being out of town sounded better. I left it on his voicemail. What's meant to be will be. Im neither a good liar, nor a good ass kisser.

You think your job sucks? I work by this woman, whose sole phone calls consist of her saying these two phrases about 50 times a day. "We don't advertise in the yellow pages. We have over 2300 stores, and it's not cost effective, we advertise nationally on radio and TV" and "We have our own charities we work with, we contribute to St. Judes." How boring would THAT be? I can tell you it's realllllllly annoying to listen to all day.

When I win my 10 grand, I can use it to get my house, so I can start my animal rescue. I'm all hyped up to find my true calling after yesterday's Oprah! It was all about doing what you are meant to do on this earth. I know I'm not meant to make other people rich the way I am doing now. I know it has to do with animals. I am not cut out to be a vet, because I couldn't deal with the death on a daily basis. Not being able to help all the animals would tear my heart out.

I want to help rehabilitate sick homeles pets, as a foster home or something. Ultimately have my own rescue. That's what would make me happy. I'm convinced that this is why I lost my job after 7 years. I wasn't going to ever leave that place. So the universe forced me out of there, and now I make less money, and I'm forced to think about what I really want to do. Funny how things happen isn't it?

A girl I work with told me yesterday, that one of her VP's (who is now our VP's boss) paid for her honeymoon stay at a 5 star hotel in New Orleans when she got married. I'm thinking, I better freaking get something next week for Secretaries Day. I'd be happy with a freaking card! I dunno when my ship will come in. Maybe when I quit handing out porn line numbers for conferences, and dropping the F-bomb in my VP's ear. Maybe.

I started going tanning this weekend. I use to always have a tan. Losing my job caused me to be pasty, and use self tanners that don't really work. Most of my bras are permanently dingy on the underwire from the tanner shit. Bra's cost $40. I'm all about getting my UV rays, it helps to boost your mood, and keep your bra's clean. Tomorrow I'm getting my hair done. I use to get to go once a month, now I go every other month. This not living in the lap of luxury bullshit is getting on my last nerve. I will get there again. In time.

Did I tell you I'm going here in one month? I can't wait! Just so you know, I'm really pissed off that I can't bring my flag pole of any kind, or my instrument!

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