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Monday, July 03, 2006

Learning To Drive...

Am I the only person in the universe working today? Besides my coworkers? This really sucks. I know Bubba isn't at work, wanna know how? She didn't return my email, but more importantly, she isn't online at MySpace. She is forever logged on there, it's like her crack! I had to water our plants for photos today. Last time I was left in charge of this task, I forgot on a Friday and by Monday all the azaleas were shrivled and brown. Why can't the fourth of July be like, the first Saturday of July or something? And we just call it Independence day? It's freaking bullshit to come to work on a Monday and then be off on a TUESDAY. Is it completely retarded, that I love the stupid little holiday and seasonal changes that Yahoo! makes?

Saturday after aerobics, I took my little pupper on a walk. It was 90 degrees and humid. We got .85 miles on the trail and she pooped out. I let her rest in the grass, to catch her breath. She is 10 years old, that's getting up there for a dog. Long story short, we turned around to go home, until she refused to walk anymore she plopped on her belly and her harness kept going. I worked out in the yard for a couple of hours after that. I was on a mission! Freaking slugs are feasting on everything I planted. The rain is preventing me from using slug bait, so I'm pretty much screwed! CP took me to get ice cream. We went to Dairy Queen, not the usual spot. I had that brownie blast blizzard. OMG. I think it was well worth the 2,000 calories I'm certain it contained!

I got my new glasses. I'm not so sure about them, but seeing that I spent a small fortune on them I'm stuck with 'em! Their a totally different shape, and color than my old ones. I also had those for 8 years, so when I see myself I'm like, who the fuck is that? I look too serious I think. CP says I look like a nerd. He likes nerds. I think I look smart. Oh well. Soon enough, my contacts will arrive, and no one will be nonethewiser. It's hard to pick out glasses by yourself! I can however, see better.

My old glasses have been stepped on, the lenses popped out, the frames bent and twisted (on purpose, by an ex!). Scratched all up, pitted. In short, I never did see clearly! Not to mention, they weren't for correcting my astigmatism, but my contacts were. So going from one to the other was painful on the eyes. When I ordered them the dude told me that since I got thin frames, the lenses were going to stick out the sides since they would be thicker for my "problem". I remember making fun of my sister's thick glasses. Let this be a lesson to all. Every time I make fun of someone, the same shit happens to me. Am I really 30?

And speaking of getting older, I had a serious discussion about sex, after a failed attempt to get me some yesterday. You don't do THAT when you're 18! It was all about turning each other on, and how turning you on turns me on psychologically, but not physically, but him turning me on turns him on both ways, but women are different than men. Make sense? In driving terms, it wasn't that I didn't want to hop in the car and take a trip, it's that there wasn't any oil in the engine. I can't get any more graphic than that. But, wanna know what he got out of it? "So, I'm doing it wrong"? Men are so fragile. I explained that he wasn't doing it wrong, I just needed more attention! You know, there were several things sexually that he has corrected me on, to make things better for him. I went with it, my feelings weren't hurt, I didn't say "Sooooo...I'm doing it wrong?". Plus, he was the one who wanted to know what was wrong in the first place. Then I got me some. Which made me happy!

I'm having a fire this evening. An intimate gathering of friends, and alchohol. Which, is your friend! We had another bad storm last night! Me and CP were in the garage watching it. The wind knocked trees down, again. I'm pretty sure it's the end of the world. Weird shit keeps happening. Al Gore says if we don't stop pollution, we're all going to die. Well, all your kids will die, I won't be around to see it!

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Just Expressing Myself said...

I'm working today too. That brownie Dairy Queen thing sounds good. Enjoy the holiday.