"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, June 30, 2006

All Rolled Into One.....

That damn crazy cat was back last night. Pounding my window. Yowling. I am at my wits end. I am certainly not touching the fucking thing. I had to throw rocks at it to make it leave. It looked at me with its crazy eyes and yowled. I am a cat lover, you know, four of my own, but not so much that I'll let some freak of nature attack me, or MY cats!!! On a cute nature note, the bunny outside that I thought the crazy cat ate, was eating my bird seed last night. It was the cutest thing EVER. I didn't know they liked bird seed, but whatever floats your boat bunny butt!

CP has been learning how to care for the animals in my absence. I told him he doesn't take control of the dog, she's a dog, he's the master. If you act afraid, they sense it and try to intimidate you! Rule the shih tzu! It's gonna take longer to master the care of the bunnies. Their hard work!

So, a tree got hit by lightning behind my house. 1 tree over and it'd have been in my kitchen! Luckily there was no fire! It's a little black and snapped in two. Nice. I'd have died poor, and alone. All the forest animals would have come have a taste of my rotting corpse. So, speaking of dying alone, it brings me to the question, of why women have it so hard? We have so much to do! So many different 'people' to be.

I bring up this up because they were discussing Polygymy on the radio this week. The men discussed How awesome it would be to have a wife for every occasion. The mom, the housekeeper, the trophy, the one that likes sex etc... And I dunno, I like to think I'm a little of all of that. I think that all women have many sides. None of us are just one thing, right? We have to be so diverse to make a man happy. You gotta be able to have a conversation, be good with money, have a job, be adventurous, love to travel, love to stay home. It just seems to me that women are expected as it is to have many different sides. I think that most men would be in over their heads with 5 wives!

Women on the other hand, WE are the ones who need 5 husbands. One to fix things, one to satisfy our sexual needs, one to help clean around the house, one to be a good dad, (if you wanna have kids), one who makes the money to support us, (and our other 4 husbands) and one to talk to us about our feelings!! Now, we're talkin! Maybe, make that 6, because one would have to sit on the couch and hog the remote. That position might actually have to be rotated to keep all the men happy.

Do you think you can find everything you want, in just one person? I think it's inevitable that there will be things you dislike about a mate. (I hate that word it makes me think of animals) And things you like. I feel that if you have most things you want, and a couple you don't, that's pretty good. Or, do you hold out and be picky until you find the person who fits your mold? And risk being an old maid who dates forever, and never settles down? What do most people do? Personally, I've never found someone who meets every requirement. I don't know anyone who has either. Sure, people all think that to begin with, or they are liars. Nobody is perfect. I think as long as you can communicate, and both get what you want, that's doing pretty good. Right?

P.S. Whoever invented the Reese's snack bar, must weigh 500 lbs. I gave one a whirl, and I do not suggest you do the same. I think about them always. They are rice krispy treats, ontop of pbutter, on top of milk chocolate. I never want to see one again. Ever.


supplymadam said...

I like the idea of 5 husbands.lol
One for each day of the week and weekends for my friends.
Of course the only way to find true happiness is within ourselves.
That cat needs to be trapped and euthanized. He's obviously not good for you or himself. I think he would be better off plus if he's not nutered he will just contribute to more of an unwanted population. He sounds desperate.
I don't usually advocate that bit I think it would be in the best interest for all.

Just Expressing Myself said...

Yay 5 husbands - I like your style girl.
Adding you to my blogroll.
Your template is awesome.

Mon said...

I know, my friends can't believe the things I say about the cat, cus I'm such a cat person. But, it's threatening my kitties!

Welcome! Love to see a new face!

LatinaGoddessOfLife said...

Five husbands? I knew there was a reason I like your blog.

For me, I think I'd only need three:

1. The alterna-hippie who would teach me how to fish, give me a hot stone massage and make love to me in the woods (while keeping the keep the bears at bay!)

2. Although I'm not materialistic, the day-trader with lots of money, a bangin' SUV, loves NYC culture, knows how to dance and shake that beautiful booty.

3. The dvd-addicted homebody who can cook a meal in the kitchen and bedroom.

Keep writing!