"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, July 24, 2006

Theres No-place like....Home?

For as much complaining as I did about leaving on my work trip, I sure do miss it. It's not that I am not happy to be home, back to the humdrum humm diddily of my life, but there is something to be said for staying at a hotel, that you don't pay for. Someone cleans up after you, there's no cat hair, and if you want, someone will bring you food to your bed. You can turn the a/c down as low as you want,take several baths a day, and drink all the coffee you see fit, all because it's free.
Here are some photos from my trip, which was nothing more than slave labor. This is my awesome bed in my nice, temperate hotel room. I had enough pillows to satisfy my needs, and a down blankie. I had the most comfortable king sized bed in the world.

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The stupid displays that caused us much pain..They went together, peice...by...peice...

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Our company name is on most of the display areas, and...I wouldn't want to give them a bad name, with a foul mouthed employee like me. It would shatter their family image. So here are some without our name.

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I had a decent weekend, aside from the fact that I ate almost an entire half gallon of ice cream. And by almost, I mean there is about 1/2 cup left in the container if you scrape the sides. Sure, it was sugar free, but that doesn't matter when you have that much. We rented movies, and CP rubbed my back and my feet. It was like I was at a spa. The weather was even nice enough to open the windows, and not sweat sitting still! We went to the park by our house on Sunday, same trail, different area. There was a waterfall, it was so pretty. The dog pooped out pretty early. I think she just got a big head from everyone telling her how pretty she is. She get's it from me you know.

My new favorite show is Flip This House, not to be confused with Flip THAT house, which is also a good show. The one I like is where they buy houses, fix them up, and sell them for a profit. It's a reality show that follows this company, and I really like it. Yesterday, they were in my future hometown of Greenville, South Carolina and bought a million dollar home for 500 grand. (My Edwin lives there, and when we get married, I'm sure he'll want to move me home with him)

You may or may not be happy to know I'm done posting pictures for a while. I've been on a roll for a week.


supplymadam said...

The flowers are beautiful. And that room sure looks inviting. It is so nice to get away from the daily grunge once in a while especially for us gals because we rarely get enough down time.
So you at a little break from the heat? Here too,last night but the Air went right on this morning because anything over 75 degrees does not agree with me.

Mon said...

It is nice to get away, especially to be served in a restaurant! Yes it's not too hot now, at least it's not as humid, which is nice!