"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

You Might Have Too Many Cats When...

The hair you brush from 3 of the 4 cats you have, is large enough to be a whole other animal:

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That looks strangley similar to my dog...

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I get that amount of hair every time I brush the cats. I wish I could sell it by the pound or something. It seems so wasteful to just throw away.

I did something that I never do the other night. I dressed up for CP. You know, lingere. You might think it's no biggie, but it's huge for me! I had this thing for years, and I never wore it. I took the tags off, and sent the man a text message to work in the form of a singles ad soliciting sex. You know, to set the mood. I asked him to respond with an ETA and that I had a suprise for him. I was nervous for hours until he got home, and I had to be in the candle light, hidden behind the bedroom door until he came in. I dunno why, I just felt silly. I can't take myself seriously, when I'm wearing something I'm not comfortable in. He says he really liked it, but I expected to be ravished for my efforts, ya know?

I told him that next time I want him to dress up for me, he asked what I wanted him to dress up like, but I have no ideas! Any suggestions? He said he'd do it. CP has an interview this week with a new company. This would be a warehouse job. He likes that kinda work, and it's steady pay. Right now, he makes comission, and it's not the same pay each time, and he doesn't make that much at all. Pray he gets a new job so he can afford to keep me in the lifestyle I am accustomed to. Kidding......a little.

So I almost talked myself out of step aerobics last night, cus I forgot to bring socks. And it was 95 freaking degrees! I went, I went! Good thing too, cus that guy I said use to teach the class, taught the class last night. At first, I was laughing out loud to myself. Then, I couldn't stop smiling while trying not to laugh. There is just something about seeing a man that into his step aerobics, pumping his arms, cheering us on, that struck me as hilarious. I didn't laugh for long however, because he totally kicked our asses. He was a lot more hardcore than the regular teacher. When my clothes are soppy with sweat vs. mildly moist, that is my determination of a good work out.

Is anyone else as addicted to Big Brother as me? I'm pretty annoyed that Kayser didn't learn the first 2 times he got kicked off the show, not to trust people's 'word'. Especially not the evil Dr. Will, he's a super slimeball. I personally think it should be on each and every day to satisfy my sick need to snoop into other people's lives.


Tayray said...

About all that hair, I'll run the sweeper and an hour later, Rocky has his hair all over again! It will look like I didnt do anything!
And as for Big Brother, Kaysar better start playing for himself and someone needs to stir up the game, cause a ruckus!! Erica should of used the damn veto!!

supplymadam said...

Wow that hair would make a nice coat. Funny how it looks like the dog(who by the way is adorable). My dog that passed away last year also had endless hair. You can imagine black hair with wall to wall light mauve rugs. Alot of vacuuming used to go on around here. When I would blow dry him in the bathroom(cool setting of course)it looked like a hair shower in the bathroom all over the sink the toilet and the rugs. The guy I have now is like a vacation. Takes him 15 minutes to dry naturally. Cannot attempt anything that makes noise near him. He's afraid of a whipped cream can. But he's a musshie guy otherwise. He had a rough start in life and is coming around after 1 year and 3 months. I think he needs one more year to be totally trustworthy.
I've never seen Big Brother. I don't even know when it is on. Maybe by your reccomendation I will check it out one day.
I don't know what to tell you how to dress CP. Maybe you can rent a cop uniform and have him do a little dance. Yeah right! I always love a man in a suit,not the stuffy kind.

hot for jr. said...

When I was dating the guy I dated for 3 1/2 years from senior year on, I had bought him something to wear. He did once and that was it. It was just a male thong but in front was blue satin and it had an elephant trunk and stuff on the front. It was more for laughs than anything, but i made him turn around and make the elephant move. It was pretty amusing. He and I always had fun. The good old days - to be young again!!

Mon said...

Funny how even though animals make hairy messes, we still love them to peices!! I always wonder what makes a dog afraid of some noises.
I tossed around the idea of a strip tease lol. But I'm afraid I might laugh and that's not nice!
Big Brother is on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday on CBS! It's the one where they stick all those people in a house and watch them 24/7. There are some good fights, and dramas going on in there!!

Now, you don't have to be young to have fun! I saw those elephant underwear at Ambiance lol.