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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

And...She's Off!...

We had a fun, non-safe holiday but I am going to wait to post about that until I finally get my pictures downloaded. I've got about 3 weeks worth of pictures. It rained but we put up our canopy and stayed nice and dry. And managed to keep a fire going. Until me and Kat decided to dance in the rain. And the ditch. Drunk. We tried to wake Tayray up to come out with us but that was unsuccessful. Which turned out to be good because Kat sustained an injury. We spent yesterday at Stat Care. More on this later.

This may be my last post for 6 days. I can't be sure. I'm leaving tomorrow for Columbus. The only computer I will get to see is at a kiosk in the convention center. I really hate traveling for work. Maybe I would like it if I got to go somewhere besides Canada or Columbus. (a 2 hour trip in the same fun state of Ohio!) Yip-E. Mind you, we have facilities in South Carolina, Florida, and even Columbia...I might risk being kidnapped for a free trip somewhere exotic. I mean, it's ONLY Bogata! And, if a few key drunkards didn't ruin charging alchohol to the company for the rest of us, that might help also. AND I have to buy new khakis for the event. No luck. Old Navy has no khakis. I dunno what to do now. I'm at a loss! I do get 2 comp days off work for working the weekend. Add that to my 3 weeks plus 3 personal days, and I've got 4 weeks vacation!

And, it's a lot of work. You know, we have to put together the entire booth area. We have some help, but mostly the sales reps and customer service stand around and be useless. Not to mention, we got a new booth this year. No one knows how to put it up really, so that'll make for some exciting fun. And, it's plants people, hundreds of them. They all have to be watered, and dead headed every day. Pity me. I don't like people, and seeing who I work with at other companies. Sometimes I'm not nice to them you know. I'm not sure if I'm coming in to the office tomorrow or if I'm getting picked up from home. Which, would rock! I'm going to miss my furkids sooooooo oooo much. I'm really nervous about CP taking care of them. Having them on medicine in my absence is what scares me. Let alone the billion things that need done every day for them.

The only thing bringing me an ounce of joy, and making it like a mini vacation, is the gym. I looked up the facilities, and they have a pretty nice indoor pool, and fitness center, and sundeck! I'll be sunning my buns on my off time. I'll also be sweating it out in the gym. Maybe they have TV in there, and I can watch Big Brother AND workout. Be jealous. What's better? I get to go to the World Gym for free for being a guest of the hotel! Arnold endorses it, it's good enough for him, it's good enough for me! It's within walking distance too! I think I'll check it out! I'm gonna pretend like I'm on the biggest loser. You wont recognize me when I get back. Too bad I'll probably be working like a dog all day and the gym will close at some retarded time. I'm too independant for this traveling shit! I like to do my OWN thing!

I leave you with this funny from CP. Who, said while running his fingers through my hair the other night "I just love your hair, it's so much better than when we first met....doh!" At least he caught himself immediately, and realized, that it was a back handed compliment. It's quite a bit longer than it was when we met. Better? I dunno about that. He apologized and stated the things that were different, not better. I told him since I am losing weight, to never let the words "you look so much thinner than when we met" come out of his mouth. I pre-warned him that I would have to smack him. Now, I've made it public.


Tayray said...

I was awake when you guys were ringing my doorbell, just not in any condition to answer my door. I was playing inside myself!
And don't worry about CP. I'll be around, if he needs help he can call. I've taken care of your furkids before and have no problem helping him if he needs it!

Celina said...

Hope you have at least a little fun (and get to spend LOTS of time in the gym)! I'm sure CP will be great with the kids! :)

supplymadam said...

I now what you mean about leaving the animals to someone else's care even if it is CP. If I'm going to be gone for an extended period my hubby gets written instructions for the dog like he was a child.
Enjoy your trip!

Ken Albin said...

Mon, you will have to show me pics of your pets when you can.

Take care,