"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

It's Just a Little Crush....

I have decided that I have a crush on my step aerobics instructor. Is that a sin? I mean, I'm engaged to be married you know. Aside from the greetings, and encouragement to the class, we don't talk. I admire him from afar. Well, one day he DID follow me into the workout area, and call my name.....but he just wanted to tell me that my membership had expired, and the next time I come in I should just make a payment. I got to sound self important and respond "I'm on a corporate account" and he said "oh, don't worry about it then, I'll fix it". He works at the gym daily, so I've ceased changing into my grubby clothes at work, and started to go to the gym still dressed up. Hair and make up done. You know, so he can see me in normal attire. Cus I know he cares. He might be gay, or married for all I know, I just said it was a crush. Not like he's going to marry me or something!

CP and I have financially moved in together. Our money is cohabitating. Except, he has no access to the money, and my personal money has been moved to another account. Our BILL money is cohabitating. This might sound controlling (who....me??) but really, it's for the best. I have turned his money around several times, only to have him take it back over, and end up in the hole (and then some), never having paid a bill. That man, can spend $30-$40 a DAY at gas stations. That's not gas either. It's lottery, pop, junk he doesn't need. If you have that kinda money, fine, but he doesn't. I asked him to put his stack of roughly 30 medical bills in order of least to most amount due last night. It's my project to pay them off. Know what he said? "Since you are paying my debts now, can you pay off the library so I can check things out? It's only $18". I told him that they wouldn't turn him into collections like everyone else.

I dunno how you live 36 years and have no concept of money management. I mean, it's a hopeless cause to let him do it himself. I don't understand it. He'd rather piss away all his money and shop at Wal Mart (aka Hell) vs. buying anything nice for himself. He did however want to buy bikes this week. Nevermind the stack of bills, or the a/c that spits water out constantly. He worries me. It's literally like teaching a child. I don't mean that in a bad way at all, it's the truth.

I think I'm seriously going to get a trap, and trap the crazy cat at my house. I suprise myself talking that way, it's so unlike me. But I'm tired of not being able to open my 1 window downstairs. I had it cracked 1 inch the other night, and the damn thing was hanging on my window sill with one foot in my window, screaching and scaring the shit out of me and my cats. If I happen to catch a skunk, I'm sure it'll make for a fun story, but I'll be calling the skunk man in the yellow pages. Screw that mess!

I LOVE salsa and brown rice. It's my new most favorite thing to eat. Besides grilled peppers and brown rice. And pizza, but that goes without saying.

Big brother is on tonight. I love it! And, I like that show Flip this house.....only the new season follows a different company around, and their cocksuckers. I do not like the owners at all, their full of themselves and condescending.


Tayray said...

Crushes are crushes, as long as you don't 'act' upon it. Somtimes having a crush, keeps the spice in your current relationship!

I finally get to watch big brother tonite! Can't wait!!
With my luck a big storm will come in and the rabbit ears won't get the damn channel!!

supplymadam said...

I think it's fun to havr a little personal harmless crush.
Can I just say CP with his money... oh man.
So salsa and brown rice. Sounds good like a healthy version of spanish Rice-a-Roni.
My favorite thing is chips and salsa. I even put it on a salad mixed with lo-cal ranch dressing,yum.
Good luck with that cat. I feel bad for him because he was abandoned. He really has no quality of life. Stupid people piss me off.

Mon said...

I think it's harmless. Who knows what the man will think!

It is kinda like spanish rice a roni, only way less calories! i love chips and salsa too! Salsa on salad is probably good too. It's only a new discovery for me, I wouldnt ever eat salsa for a looong time!
I feel bad for him too. People are jerks, it's not his fault he is crazy!

Onie said...

Please don't trap the cat unless you plan to care for him/her as animal control will just kill it. It is just lonely and scared and possible hungry. As for CP, if you are paying his bills, you are nuts. Anyone that can't/doesn't pay their own bills is not worth you. You will have to pay his bills for the rest of your life. Are you sure you want to do that?