"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Call Me Mad or Evil...I'm Still a Scientist ...

Sometimes I have deep thoughts. Like, the fact that there are billions of people in the world, but how often do you really see someone wearing an outfit that you own? Or, how many people have the same hair cut, or color that you do, that you pass on the street? Does anyone else find this odd? That there are that many options with clothing and hair? I saw a shirt I own on a girl in the movie X-Men 3. It was one of the girls in the school, not a main character, but I've had it since last summer and I still wear it. I got it at Old Navy. It's a graphic Tee. Big budget film my ass, it only cost $10! I also have seen several of my awesome Hello Kitty panties on Izzy from Grey's Anatomy that I buy at Target. (granted, she looks way hotter in them!)

Since a recent photo way close up of myself has come into my posession, I've been obsessed with the wrinkles I wasn't aware looked so bad around my eyes. I have zoomed in on the picture, like 100%, and I never knew I had so many freckles. Or, wrinkles. CP told me that no one looks at me that closely, and that freckles are endearing. Whatever. I want microdermabrasion. And laser wrinkle removal. I mean, since my teens, I've taken extra care of my skin, what more is a woman to do? I even cover my face up when I tan! I've cut way down on tanning (only 1-2 times a week!) So... I bought more product! I got a knockoff of Freeze 24/7. Freeze works, they have it at our Bath and Body, but it's $100, and not even I am going to pay that much for an ounce of anything. I bought Iced. It comes in the exact same packaging only a different color. It's a total knockoff. It even says it isn't affiliated with Freeze. Iced is only $30 which is still a lot, but when it works, and makes me feel good, who can put a price on that?

Remember when I said I was brilliant because I was burning my poison ivy off my hands with various chemicals, and treatments? Mainly....nail polish remover? And some other secret ingredients....it did work, but ever since the same spots on my hand have been peeling. It's been about a month, and I'm not sure how many more layers I have before it starts to get sore, and I run out of skin, but it's kinda creepy. Like, I learned how to concoct my very own flesh eating virus, out of ordinary household items! Awesome! Don't piss me off!

I wonder what I can come up with next? Maybe I can use my flesh eating concoction, as a way to peel layers from my face, and get rid of wrinkles!!! Anyone wanna be the guinea pig?

I'm all alone at work today. Bethie is recouping from the big Poison and Cinderella concert, and I'm pretty sure Tayray called off just to be with her man or something. They suck. I'm lonley.


Tayray said...

Im here Im here, just really late!!! It was a bad night, mmkay!! LOL

supplymadam said...

Isn't it amazing how we put ourselves under a microscope? I f you look hard enough we find our flaws but we have to override them with our personalities. All you need it Neutrogena Alpha Hydroxy or Retinol. Not expensive and at my age I am living proof of that although I had my share of the sun when I was younger I protect myself to the hilt now. Don't forget the sunglasses because you have to protect your eyes as well.
You may be on to something with your skin eating flesh concoction though.

Mon said...

Better late than never!

yes, its kinda sad that I care so much when I see myself up close each day and barely notice I have freckles. I do see the wrinkles! But still, I dunno why I think people focus on them as much as me! I love my neutrogena!!!!

Celina said...

I'm not too concerned with being wrinkley & freckley, but I do use a nice moisturizer religiously.
As far as the flesh-eating stuff...I'd rather deal with the INSANE itchiness!
Oh, and that pic of your cat's hair was CRAZY! I just gave the dog a hair cut & couldn't belive how much EXTRA he had! Maybe I should brush him & the cats more often? Nah!

Just Expressing Myself said...

I was at a farewell party for a friend last summer, and one of the guests had a heavily bandaged arm. Someone asked and he told us he had the flesh eating virus, and believe it or not he had pics in his pocket that they took at the hospital. Everyone was tongue-tied and ready to run for their lives.
Next time I am at Target I have to look into some of thise Hello Kitty panties for myself.
Waving at you from NYC,

Mon said...

I'm tackling cutting the dogs hair again this weekend. Well, shaving her practically bald that is. She looks so funny naked. She's got spotty skin. It happens when you age you know.

Omg, the real flesh eating virus? I'd have slipped away from that party with a quickness! Target has the cutest draw's, their on the wall. They have lots of cartoon character ones.