"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Pain and Agony in Ohio....

I had a vivid dream about my dad last night. I believe it was a visit because I thought about it all day after I woke up. It was in color. I remember that because he was having a garage sale, and he had a file cabinet for sale that was a blue/green color and I remember thinking it was an odd color for a file cabinet. He was moving in my dream, and selling everything. I personally think it means that stepmonster sold the house finally, it's been up for sale forever, and she is moving, and maybe he has to move too, or maybe he's been hanging around and he is 'moving on'. My Dad died in 2000.

I tried to do something useful yesterday, and refinish my vanity. CP found me a vanity complete with lights for $4 at a yard sale! He rocks! Only, it's an ugly 80's style wood color. I mixed some celery color with brown paint and made a tan with a hint of green shade, and varnished it with an aged varnish to make it look old. I love it! The shitty part is that it fell over and i tried to catch it by the mirror which swiveled to catch my left pointer finger between the mirror, and the stand, smashing the fucker painfully. I don't remember the last time an injury made me cry, but yesterday I did. CP had to rescue me good thing he was there. It cut my finger but the cut isn't bad, the bruise is painful. It was an hour before I could bend it. Now my nuckle is black, purple, and the bottom part of my finger hurts like a mofo. It's throbbing constantly.

Speaking of injuries, I finally have pics of Kat's mishap from my camera. This was the fourth of July weekend, I had a party, and it rained pretty bad and we were hanging out in the garage around 3 a.m. watching the lightning. Kat decided we should go play in the rain, because we were drunk, and all things sound brilliant when you are drunk. We danced around and splashed in the puddles, and sang, and laughed until our stomachs hurt. I have a 'stream' in my yard, it starts at the woods when it rains, and travels down through one of my flower beds, through the driveway and down the hill into the ditch. We followed the steady flow of water, to the ditch, which was really deep from all the torential rain. I got in nice and easy and hopped around and splashed the nasty ditch water on Kat, who jumped in balls to the wall and began stomping.

It wasn't until we were halfway up the hill that she told me she thought she stepped on something in the ditch, and she was bleeding. We thought it was hilarious, and we made it back to the garage and I gave her a peroxide soaked washrag, which soon looked like this...(note her shirt, and the empty bottle of hypnotic, and the smile on her face!)

You can see from the picture, that we thought it was the funniest thing, the boys were saying it was probably a good idea to go to the hospital, but what did we care? We couldn't really tell how bad it was cus it was dark in the garage, so I had her hold her foot up for a picture.

There you can see the nasty gash on her foot. It never stopped bleeding. It got all over my bathroom floor, the clothes I gave her to wear, and my carpet. The funny thing about the carpet is that it bled through a bandage and a sock onto my carpet, yet, we still didn't think it was that big a deal. Of course, remember that I did take her to emergency the next day, and she did get a tetnus shot.

I will have more pics coming I only downloaded close to 200 from my friggin camera! Happy Tuesday. Being back to work is a blast! I made this drink on Saturday, it contained raspberry vodka, simple syrup, and sprite. My new favorite thing ever, is simple syrup, I have it on hand for mojitos. Which, I drink mainly because I planted mint this year. Any reason to have a cocktail is a good one. Simple syrup can mix with any alchohol and it's delicous. I did see the new Pirates of the Carribean this wknd. I will just say that hot does not begin to describe how my future husband Orlando Bloom looked in this film. I suggest they pay him some extra bucks, and get him to bare his ass!! Of course, it IS a Disney film.


supplymadam said...

Kat's foot-ouch! That looks like it was pretty bad. At least you guys had fun.I'm a loser freak that way,I would have been at that emegency room so fast I would of left a cloud of dust behind me.
Orlando Bloom-yousa! You can have him because he's too young for me.Maybe I can just borrow him first?

Mon said...

It was pretty bad they told her she'd have had stitches if she came in that night. She's glad she didn't though. Ah, the young ones can go all night! lol.

Anonymous said...

Had I not been drunk I would have freaked out. Being drunk made it rather amusing. Now I have a cool story to tell and I'll have a neat scar when it finally heals! The worst thing was not being able to go to the gym for 7 days. The Tetnus shot didn't hurt.