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Monday, July 31, 2006

Up, Up, and Away!...

I had so much fun this weekend. I can't wait to post the pictures, but that'll be forever since the computer's still down. *sigh*. We went to the balloon festival in Jackson. It was only about 100 degrees out. There were vendors of all the local restaurants, and some not local. CP ate alligator on a stick. Of course, he said it tasted like chicken. Whatever. He went to every booth to get every free thing he possibly could and wanted me to carry it in my tiny purse. I was like "what am I? The packmule? I don't have the purse for that!" (that's moms nickname for the same reason only she carried a huge purse)

The balloons were like 2 hours late, and I was antsy with anticipation! Bubba and Dave went with us, and we got prime real estate close to the action. They had about 69 hot air balloons launching from the field, it was the most amazing thing I have ever seen! They all filled up around the same time, but one by one, they would take off and everyone would cheer, and when there were 40 or so in the air, it made the most amazing picture! It was like a golf game, it was commentated and everything ......."yes, there goes sandy smith of Norton, Ohio...she's in the such and such balloon. She's been a pilot for 23 years. Now, see the wind come over the hill, now thats going to affect the way she fills her balloon, if she ignites the fire, at the wrong time, the whole thing will melt, this is definately a science...it looks like she's ready, oh, and therrrrrre she goes, she's off.....let's hear it for sandy everybody".......

We waited forever for the pig shaped balloon to launch, but it never did it filled up and then deflated. It was huge. I took a ton of pictures, and a video of a launch. I'm glad I went. My mom informed me that I made fun of her for going to watch the balloons years ago. Just like I made fun of her for watching birds, which I also do. It just isn't cool, if I'm not doing it.....sorry Mom!

We left the festival and met Kat at her work parking lot, they were having a hawiian party for the fireworks. She came to greet us, wearing a leigh of pot leaves. Apparently they grow a lot of pot in hawaii? When she introduced me to one of the girls she said, "MON! The one who pee's!!!" Apparently, my reputation had preceded me. Classic. She even had beer for us, and let us eat their food! It was awesome to crash a work party! She asked if we wanted to go on a hayride. She works in 'the city' which I should say first. We go over to the 'hayride' and it's a 4-wheeler, with a trailer on the back, and 2 bales of hay strapped to it. It was the most ghetto hayride I've ever seen. But it was a killer time. We laughed and screamed so much we were crying. It was a fast hayride in the parking lot, so it tickled your stomach.

They bought this coconut bra and grass skirt, I guess it was for the boss, but he wouldn't wear it. Bubba said she'd put it on so we all three went in to the girls restroom. We were in there a while laughing, and I sang a stupid song about peeing in the dark cus I turned the lights out on Kat while she peed. Drunken songs are the best songs! Bubba got the bra on, it barely covered anything so it was an over-the-shirt type deal. We opened the door to go out and Kat's entire work party was standing outside the door, camera phones and cameras ready and she shut the door really quick and we laughed some more. Then she was like, "fuckit" and went out "here I am". We kept clinking our beer bottles on her coconuts before we took a drink.

I'm really sore. I can't figure if it's the workout on Saturday, which I'm starting to now be able to do the hops in aerobics for about 1/2 the class, so my calves hurt more. (on my way from low to high intensity...baby steps!) Or, the holding on for dear life on the hayride from hell. Dun dun dunnnnn.... Oh well, it was worth it! We tried to plan to go to the bar, but that was a bust, it was late too, after 12. CP was already partied out in the car! I stopped to get gas, cus it was a bargain at $2.88!! I couldn't pass that up!


Janet said...

There was a balloon festival around here that I wanted to go to, but I never got there. What I REALLY want to do is go up in one, but apparently you have to get up really early in the morning and pay a lot of money. :(

Here through BE!:)

supplymadam said...

I love the sight of hot air ballons. I saw a bunch of them once on our way to Hershey PA.
They are so cool.
Sounds like a great time,heat and all!

Mon said...

Yea, I dont like mornings either.
we havn't melted yet from he heat...that might happen today.