"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, July 10, 2006

Brokeback Flower Show..

I am nothing short of exhausted. CP felt the need to tell me that my blog is boring lately. Well, that is because my life is boring. Being at a flower show isn't exactly filled with fun and excitement around every corner. I have walked 25 miles in the past 2 days alone. I wore my pedometer. My back hurts. My feet hurt. Even my arms hurt. Yet, I still made it to the gym finally and jogged on the treadmill for 3 miles. I'm tired of sweating in the air conditioning. I have my room set on 49 degrees.

Yesterday I sort of hid out on my own. I met with my group at the booth in the morning, and went to work out, and stayed in all night. It was actually nice. Like on a vacation. Except, who the hell goes on vacation by themselves? They fixed my TV, so now I can properly select channels. This makes me happy. CP said that he has a new respect for everything I do around the house. It's about damn time! And, I'm certain he isn't even doing half of what I do. Like it's easy to clean up after him all the time? and 7 pets. As if!

I found out that there is a rumor going around about me at our PA office, that I live in Chicago, and I work from home. I should be so lucky. I dunno where that started, or why. I guess it could be worse, I could be the girl who is screwing her boss or something. I of course got the many jokes about my name. There is about 2 letters difference between me and Monica Lewinsky. Everyone thinks it's hilarious. As if I havn't been hearing it the last 8 years. Har D Har. A couple months ago at the office, our new operator paged me as Lewinsky. The entire building broke out in laughter simultaneously. Whatever it takes to get a laugh I always say.

I did meet several sales reps from a company that sells our product. I always hate doing that sort of thing, but they were very nice, and I was quite helpful. I even showed them one of our new products. That's not my job either. I rock! I attended a reception for one of our product lines, because I had to. One by one my coworkers left me to mingle. Until there was one. And then I snuck out, unnoticed. I only had 2 appetizers and a glass of wine too. Rip off!

Tonight I have a reception to go to for one of the trade magazines. It's always a good time, and all my company peeps will be there. This will be a kickin time, and I plan to get my drink on. But, not make an ass of myself.

Tomorrow is the last day of the show, and tear-down. More friggin work. But, I'll spend tomorrow night in my own bed. With my CP, and my babies. Who I miss terribly!
I'm now to sneak away, and go to the gym, catch some sun, and sneak back to the booth before the show ends at 5, so someone can buy me some damn dinner!


bethie said...

hi mon. miss you! never mind what CP says about your blog..lol i always enjoy reading it. have fun tonight gettin your drink on!

supplymadam said...

Isn't it amazing how you're appreciated more when you're not around.
My friend's hubby was out of work for a year.(don't feel bad between his serveranc and unemployment he was good to go plus she has a good job). Anyway he was Mr. Mom and he said to her how he can't believe
all she does around the house while going to work everyday and he said when he goes back to work he will continue to help and almost 2 years later he kept his word.

hot for jr. said...

The East Coast Hotties finished our route, even though you didn't post your steps the week before you left, or this past week. WE MADE IT!!!!!!

Mon said...

thanks, i told him to piss off! he just wants to read dirt about himself as if he is my only source of entertainment!
It is nice to be appreciated! I hope he plans to help me in the future more than he does, but only time will tell.
Too bad, as I walked an average of 15 miles a day while I was at the show! We could have made it to timbuktu and back!!!! But good for us!