"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, August 11, 2008

Certainly Not a Boyscout..

I wouldn't complain about the manfriend. But if ever I wanted to complain about something it would be his lack of preparation. I'm pretty sure a nice organizer, used properly would fix that. He forgets a lot of events, or details of events. This weekend was one such incident.

Saturday night we met his friend and his girlfriend out at BW3 to watch UFC, which if you don't know is fighting. I really had no interest in it at all, but it was kinda funny to watch the boys roll around together on the ground. (gay) They also had interesting choices in underwear. The girlfriend told me I would like it if I watched this reality show on Spike TV. She is also obsessed with Big Brother so she must know what she's talking about. Reality show? I'll pretty much watch a reality show about anything, so I may check it out.

We're outside for a smoke and non chalant the boy says "Oh, tomorrows the (insert manfriends family name) reunion at 3, do you want to go for a while?" Meeting the reunion family? Kind of a big deal to a girl. Remember, we have a "long distance" relationship so what I have with me is what I have with me. I can't just 'drop by my house' and get a few things. I said "I don't have supplies for the shower. And I don't have anything nice to wear" He told me it's informal. Then he said it was at the Cleveland Yacht Club. Uh. Yea. He apologized for springing it on me but kept assuring me that it was no big deal that I wasn't wearing something nice. (side note he never said I didnt have on nice clothes, I did..)

So, I showered with my girlie stuff I have at his house (from his mom, cute!), but had to wash my hair with his manpoo. Which doesn't leave your hair soft and shiney at all. Then, the best part, was blow drying my hair with a high velocity fan in the hall way. I had a great wind blown look going on. Then, I put on my jean cut offs and t-shirt and trucked it to meet the family. I felt so classy.

The best part of this story, is that you know how I've been doing a body cleanse, and my pipes have been sort of clogged since vacation? I have been that cleansing system for 5 days, and when does it decide to start working? At the (insert manfriend's family name) family reunion. With two of his relatives in the small bathroom with me. Oh yea, have I mentioned it makes it smell 100 times worse than poo would normally smell? Yes, I can imagine I'm the manfriend's classy girlfriend who drops a stinker in the crapper, and under dresses to family functions.

I saw a toddler picture of the manfriend. They had a baby photo contest. He was probably one of the cutest kids ever, and I don't like kids. My new name for him, is goldilocks. It's pretty cute.

Have I ever stated how much I hate sports? Especialy when they interfere with my freaking TV shows? Big Brother didn't record. I got the first 10 minutes, which was the HUGE blowout with everyone over Jessie going home. Does anyone outside the house even care that he's gone? I didn't think so. I'm watching the episode right now. Here are my thoughts. Um, when did Jerry get so high and mighty? Wasn't everyone pissed at him for lying the first week? And he "took off all my marine gear so that makes lying ok". Dan took off his cross, so whats the difference? I hate hippocrytes. I wish I could smack the shit out of Michelle. I hate her.

Not as much as I hate Jessie. If you havn't watched the House Calls where he got the boot, you have to. It's right here. Evel Dick asked him 10 times how it felt America voted him out, and he won't admit that they did. He is a total freaking idiot. This is classic.


Heather said...

I would have died! My husband is good about springing things on me like that too. I think it's a guy thing.

Please tell me that even though you hate sports, you do not hate Ohio State football. :)

Slick said...

I've heard it all....

Dropping logs at a reunion?

You're a prize, Mon ;) LOL

Mon said...

ill go see a football game, if someone takes me. lol. same with baseball and basketball. i just dont like watching them on tv. not enough drama. =)

Yea, thats just my luck! lol

Barb said...

#1 Manfriend's family reunion=
#2 Hate sports too!
#3 Michelle and Jessie, well, I like them as much as I would have liked sitting in the stall next to you during your poo-a-thon!

P.S. Love reading your posts! Did I tell you that already? LOL

Erin said...

Tough day at the reunion... but think about it this way - they are probably too drunk to remember ;)

I know what you mean about Jesse - I am SO happy he is gone... I just couldn't stand him. And Jerry? What an ass! Trying to be like the younger kids but he is just a freaking jerk with his speeches and hypocrisy. Ugh.

And yes, even Michelle is driving me crazy.

Mon said...

awesome comment ha ha ha! I can say, that I love those two about the same amount!

Yea, its always something. I think instead of too drunk they were too old. manfriends dad is like 50 something and the baby by a lot of years.

See, i knew i wasnt nuts, michelle is annoying!