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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Supersize She...

So I watched this show on TLC, it was called Supersize She. I think they use the term "female body builder" here lightly. There wasn't much female about her. See for yourself. I mean, to each his/her own, but this girl said people assume she does steroides and theres no hard work involved. I think that means, yes I do steroides and I work out a lot. If you wanna look like a man go the full route, don't half ass it. I work out and I still dont look like a boy. You have to do that on purpose. What is more disturbing. People find this sexy. I'm assuming, from this video.

I couldn't find it on youtube...but the funniest thing you will ever see is her "talent" was dancing to "barbie girl" in a pink bikkini. Oh yes.


Heather said...

I think that is so gross when people, especially women, get their muscles that big. Some muscle, and some tone is good. But not THAT much. Just, ew.

Barb said...

Very, very unattractive. Women's bodies should be toned to accent their beautiful curves...but whatever!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh hahahha!! I like how she's trying to be all coy and sexy in the hottub. News flash... it's not working when you look like a MAN!


Maxie said...

I watched a crazy documentary on MSNBC the other night about female body building-- I can't imagine why someone would want to do that, but on top of it it's crazy the discipline it takes

Mon said...

i know, even on men its just wrong!

seriously! its so gross!

i know, on the show they had her doing all sorts of stuff for her website, thats how she makes money!

it does take a lot of disciplin, and looks quite painful, they starve and workout to accentute the muscles. uh, no thanks