"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

In the great scheme of things....

Back in the day, my friend Katie and I use to be able to watch Jerry Springer and that brought us joy because we could say "at least I'm not that chick who had 10 kids by her cousin". Or, "at least I didn't slave all day for Thanksgiving dinner, only to have a food fight on national TV". (remember that episode?)

You know, there is always someone out there bigger than you, hairier than you, uglier than you, more fucked up than you, their boyfriend is a bigger dick than yours, house is shittier than... You name it. In most cases, you should always be able to say, "my life is great" because in comparison to others, it's pretty flippin fantastic. Even if you're standing on the side of the road begging for food with a sign, at least you have a sign. What if you were deaf/blind/mute and had no sign? Then you'd be pretty pissed off. And hungry. See?

Since we don't have springer anymore, (come on you know that shit's made up) and you can't all have my ex-husband to be thankful you're not married to, fear not! I'm here to help. There are people in the world more screwed up than you. Unless you are one of these people. If that's the case, you may want to seek professional help. People actually want to be elves. If you want to be an elf and do this to yourself, I'd say even professional help may not be enough. My guess is that my friend Kat probably knows some nerd who has these.

Big Brother. Ok I think Michelle might be coming around. Maybe. I wish someone would kick Jerry out and make him watch the first HOH when everyone bullied him into doing what they wanted. I'd say he betrayed what, 3 people that week? He needs to shut up. I don't like religion, but if I did and someone was knocking me, I'd punch them in the face. Cus, that's totally what Jesus would do. Oh and did you watch the house calls when Steven told everyone Jerry calls Libra "the colored girl" when he can't come up with her name? That's way classy. He's one of those old farts who will use age as an excuse when convenient for him. He's racist, cus he's old. That's probably OK, right? But don't say he can't cut onions with the best of them cus he's 75 and should get an award for winning that veto. Puh. Leez.

Is it too soon to start the official countdown to the return Heros? It's only about a month. I love and hate heros (for the same reason as Lost...) because you cant say to someone "oh, you should watch heros". Cus you can't. You have to watch the whole series to understand it. You can't start now, and fully grasp why you should fear and hate Sylar. (dude just looks scarey!) Or how Hiro almost saved the world. Or, that Or why when Peter Petrelli goes into the future, and gains all his bad-ass powers, he becomes my favorite character on the show? Or why is everyone trying to save the cheerleader. Why is Claire's Dad such a tool the first season? You can't.

P.S. Doing two workouts today. B-l-a-h!


AMPlifier said...

Yeah, I hear you on the "there's always someone worse off than you" mentality, but the problem I have with thinking like that is it makes me feel like my feelings aren't that important. Like, yeah, there are people still suffering from the cyclone in Burma, with no home, food, or family... but I still feel lonely (or pissed off or inadequate, you fill in the blank). My feelings are still valid, whether or not there is food on my plate at dinnertime. You know?

Mon said...

I believe its a mind over matter thing.You will have sad feelings until you decide not to have them. the hurt is still there but you focus less on it when you have happy thoughts. If you are lonley, think of your friends. If you are feeling inadequate, think of the place you live in, and how well off you are. When you start turning the negative thoughts positive it's an amazing change.

babylamb said...

I agree Jerry needs to leave the house. His actions are completly uncalled for and somebody needs to put him in his place.

Angela Moore said...

It's never too early to start the countdown to Heroes! And you're absolutely right. You have to watch the whole series... just like LOST.

Patti Cake said...

Now that right there is funny..."what if you were....and had no sign?" LOL. I'm with you...no matter what is going on in your own life, someone else has serious issues going on. One day at a time....

Anonymous said...

OMG the ears! Wow. I bet that girl is a really big LoTR fan.

I can honestly say, I don't know any nerds with modified ears. I do know some nerds with the plastic Bajoran Earrings.

For all you not in the "nerd know" on what a Bajoran is : http://www.tvacres.com/jewelry_bajoran.htm


Mon said...

I really hate that they changed the days its on. Grrr. Jerrys days are numbered.

Angela Moore:
Yesssss, a fan! I don't know anyone who is into the show!

thats right. you just have to keep on keepin on. And remember people who have elf ears. lol.

um, those are kinda gay, butnot as bad as a permanent ear change. eek!

Maxie said...

this is how I see it...

at least I don't like to have sex in an animal suit.

seriously. I have a friend that does that.

thats when I'll know I've lost it.

Barb said...

I think that was the episode I was on! Nah, just kiddin'!

I tell a similar senerio to my husband. He doesn't feel well more days than he does (we're trying to figure out why by going to numerous drs.)and some days he's really down in the dumps. I tell him that there are people in the world that are in worse shape than him and they go on and have a positive outlook..why can't you? I'm very sympathic when I tell him though because I know feeling like crap sucks.