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Monday, August 25, 2008

Vick's a Dick....

I stayed up until 2 a.m. I was watching Animal Witness on Animal Planet. Which airs again this Wednesday at 9:00. It was the Michael Vick (dick) case. I wanted to see it because it showed more about the poor animals. There were several parts I had to watch with one eye squinted. The dog fighting is horrific and it made me cry. That is the cruelest thing in the world. I watch animal cops, so I know what happens to those dogs when they are "rescued" from fighting. They get put to sleep. It's horrible. They have a bad reputation, and I'm glad this show shed some light on the fact that they are rehabilitatable.

Yes, it has a happy ending. Because of the publicity of the case, the dogs were actually evaluated, and saved. All but two. One of these "killer dogs" is a therapy animal. You know, that travels around to hospitals and makes old people smile? Animals have to go thru extensive testing to be certified for that. Some of them were adopted to homes with kids. Dressed in hoodies, and loving life. The evaluation proved they were all very tolerant, loving animals.

He didn't get what he deserved. If you ask me, but I'm happy that he didn't get off scott-free!

It always made me sick watching shows where dogs are rescued from fighting and euthanized. Or, some nutty broad with 100 cats living in horrible conditions, has to have all her cats all put to sleep. It disgusts me. One day, I'll have my own animal sanctuary, where no one dies. It'll be my own slice of heaven!

Well I didn't get to go to the zoo this wknd. It rained. Whenever I'm in Cleveland, it rains or snows. Tell me again..why do people live there? Cus, I have yet to find the appeal. It takes a special kinda person to live in the big city.

Friday night, I got a booty call. You know, from the manfriend. What makes it extra special and sweet, is that he has to drive 50 miles to see me. So, it has a little more meaning to me. I got my hair done and was scolded for showing up with sex hair. Hater. That night we went to dinner at Mongolian BBQ with another couple. And we went out for drinks at Panini's where we all lost our affecton for the younger crowd, and headed to the Garage Bar.

Sunday, we sweated our butts off at the boy's place. We made breakfast, and decorated his apartment. He still hadn't hung anything, and we worked really well together. Quite impressive. He valued my opinion. Although, he got out this laser light tool on a tripod, the level, tape measure, and measured everything perfectly, 18 times. Then marked the wall. Then used those plastic anchor things. Not my style, but at least he does a good job. And I did enjoy watching him work with his shirt off. Sweaty.

P.S. Big Brother. Hello? Dan? You are either one complete fucking moron, or a genius. You'll be lucky if you make it thru next week pissing everyone off. I hate how Ollie is acting. Can't wait to see his ass out the door!


Patti Cake said...

I'm with you...Vick is a dick. He should be tortured the same way he tortured those animals. I hate, hate, hate that crap.

Ohhh...and the manfriend? A total keeper. Smiles:)

Deutlich said...

I went to college with both Vick's... I am not even sure I can begin to explain how effin' annoyed I am by the both of 'em.


Suzi said...

Shoot! I set that up to Tivo, and my husband un-tivo'd it in order to tivo something else! I've filed for divorce, and set it up to record again on Wednesday.

Years and years and years ago, I worked for a vet. We had a few pit bull patients, and they were the sweetest, most loyal dogs. They don't automatically love to fight; they love to please, so if it pleases their master, they'll happily do it, even if means fighting to their death. Poor sweet doggies.

Maxie said...

I can't watch those shows even when they have a happy ending.

They are just too sad.

Mon said...

he is a keeper. im wondering, should i keep him in the closet, or the bedroom? obviously he has to be locked away. Kidding...sorta.

ugh, i feel for you then, my condolonces.

thats what they said they are people pleasers, and they are pleasing their masters by fighting and being praised for it. poor lil things.

it is sad. but so is intervention and i cant stop watching that.

Erin said...

I totally can't watch those shows - I try, but I just get too sad. I was happy that he in particular got that much notariety that the dogs were able to be saved, but I always feel for the other hundreds or so dog cases per year that don't get the same camera action.

And you can totally tell a lot from a guy by the way he decorates and lets you help - he gets a A+++++!!!

And DAn? Don't even get me started on him - he has made way more enemies then friends in doing what he did - hopefully he backs it up by putting Ollie or Michelle on the block anyhow!