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Friday, August 08, 2008

A little about Big Brother...

This work thing is interfering with my internet usage. One day I'll have another computer and be back online. I'm hoping this month. While Big Brother is still on. I never seem to have computer access when I need it. Dayum.

So, Big Brother...does anyone else hate Michelle? I can't stand her mug. And her stupid attitude. She seems so.....80's!

That comment she made about Libra being a bad mother for taking the Hawaii trip over the unitard, was uncalled for. Who wants to wear that thing? Not you, you stupid betch! Who wouldn't do the same thing?

And I cannot Stand...when someone votes out someones friend (good riddence Jessie) and then that person wins HOH and you are stuck watching them dance around like an idiot and making idle threats, and shout outs to the evicted person. Shut the hell up before youre next out the house.

I guess my favorites are Keesha, Dan, and Renny. I also dislike Jerry. He has a big mouth for an old guy.

P.S. Working out after 9 days off pretty much sucks the big one. I am kinda sick of it. Then I get to work, where Kat sent me two pictures from 2 yrs ago, when I was a big lard and it makes it all worth it. I really can't believe that was me.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad to see Jessie the weasle out of the BB house. Him with the big L on his forehead. He needed to go home so his mommy can change his diaper again. Wish I could have seen his face when he learned AMERICA wanted him out..haaaaaa..Take that you conceited asswipe. He lives in his own little world where he thinks people actually like him. As far as Michelle, who the hell cares if she wears a red tard, not like she is feminine or anything anyhow. Think she wants to be a GANGSTA. I like Renny best, then Keesha, they are the real deal. The momma has spoken.

Erin said...

I must stand up for Michelle Costa - but only because she is from Providence, RI and most likely I probably know her, lol. She lives right around the corner from where I used to live and we probably hung at the same bar a time or two only because it is a very small place.

First of all - she's not 80's technically - she is like every other Providence girl, and very much like what I was before leaving Providence 3 years ago ;) They ALL look like that and act like that too, LMAO! I kid you not - she was like every friend I have so I'm totally used to her.

She is Portugese from Providence... if you were from there that statement would tell you everything, lol.

I'm not rooting for her or anything, but just watching her makes me totally homesick and it totally makes me think of my friends. So, I'm not annoyed by her because I'm so used to it, but I can see how others would be.

Oh and by the way, I'm not like that anymore, lol... although there was a time not so long ago that if you hate her, you would have hated me too ;)

Ok, that was way too long, lol. I just feel like if you knew the area then you would understand why she is the way she is, lol.

Erin said...

wait, one more thing - I am a damn good mother and love my son immensely and I SO would've taken the trip too :) Actually I would probably have taken the $10,000 but either way, I would not have taken the letter from home.

Maxie said...

I've never been able to get into Big Brother-- I get sucked into all of the other reality shows, but it just hasn't gotten me yet.

Barb said...

Damn we think alike. My husband and I continuously scream at the TV!

I used to hate Libra. I can tolerate her now. Michelle took her place in the biotch zone.

There once was a time I liked Jerry. He's gotten to be a little too cocky for my taste.

Did you notice how funny Jessie looked with his big ass body and his teeny little head? He reminded me of those people with the shrunken heads in the movie Beetlejuice. LMFAO!!!