"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, August 15, 2008

Space Ship Sighting!...

I don't know about you, but aliens scare the shit out of me. I was fooling around with google street...which I have decided is useless to a person that lives in BFE, but may be awesome if you live in a city that is on the map.

I looked up the interstate for shits and giggles, and asked it to show me the traffic at 5:00 on Monday. Well, apparently on Monday there was a space ship on the highway!

We are not alone. I found proof. This might be my big ticket outta here. My claim to fame. My opportunity for greatness! Maybe they will take me to their leader. And their leader is my manfriend. Squee! Awesome!

When I got up for work on Thursday, the manfriend was being so stinking cute, I'd try to get up and he'd pull me back into bed to cuddle with me. When I made it halfway out of bed, he had hold of my draws. I gave him a zillion kisses, and eventually had to get up. Why can't I win the lottery and spend my days in bed with that boy? Really, universe, where is the harm in that? Arrrgh

Ok, Big Brother. Who is happy about the new HOH? Me! Me! Me! I'm not happy Libra went home, but then I liked keesha too so, it was a toss up! I was watching You Tube of the live feeds and found one thing particularly funny. April was upset over some interview they did on a talk show (which wasnt disclosed) and he was asking her questions about Ollie and it upset her she said "My Daddy's gonna watch this show". Like, two seconds later, I'm watching her bang Ollie under the covers. Over. And over. Now, I'm not a hater, have your sex, it's good for you. But does she not realize that she is on TV? And that may be more upsetting to her Dad than some stupid questions on a talk show?

I can't stand April. She's my new Michelle.


Anonymous said...

And April said the reason Keesha has it out for her is because April is prettier...NOW THERE IS A GOOD ONE !!!! So happy to see Renny HOH..I see Ollie and her on the block. He has no pull without her big mouth. She may put Jerry up for his mouth. Ollie hasn't won anything so he isn't a threat. Then it would be real nice not to hear Michelle blubbering too. Can't stand her.. the Momma

Barb said...

That pic looks more like the top of a submarine to me w/ a little window on top.

My husband and I do not sleep in the same bed. Too many reasons to explain why. It works. If we did sleep together we both would be miserable. I do miss the cuddling in the morning.

I haven't seen Big Brother yet. I have it taped in my DVR..I'll watch it in the morning. I'll get back with you on who will be on my "new" shit list.

Ms. Megan said...

I am excited to see what Renny does with HOH! I can't say I am sad to see Libra go... I like Keesha more! I would however like to see either Michelle or Jerry go home next!
P.S. Love the blog!!

Erin said...

I think the picture looks like a VW bug... but you never know ;)

I was thrilled with Renny getting HOH - although I agree that she needs to take Jerry off and put up Ollie so one of them can leave!