"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A Sort of Recap..

(this is the meditation garden at the A.R.E.)

So, what did I do on my spectacular vacation besides the obvious, not poo, have lots of sex, and catch some rays? There was always stuff going on at the beach. There was performers, and bands. Saturday after we arrived we went to dinner at Sonic. I know most people think this is horrific, but you have no idea what it's like to be teased with the commercials showing yummy shakes, and delicious fried foods, only to have none to visit. Unless I want to drive 75 miles for some fast food.

We walked the boardwalk, and hung out at this bar Hook Up Cafe. We had Corona's, and listened to the best DJ either of us had heard. He mixed old stuff with new stuff, and it made ya wanna stay all night! I had a bathroom incident, when I peed in the boys room. Firstly, there was no toilet seat. Then I noticed the urinal. Then the lack of toilet paper gave it away. By this time, I had already began the flow, and there was no stopping it. Then a boy walked in on me. Perv. Later, the manfriend used the same bathroom without shutting the door. Maybe we had too many shots of Three Olives Cherry, and Corona's?

Um, the next day we spent lounging in the pool, and dinner. Oh, and more um, drinking. Then we went to the ocean for the day, when the manfriend had two spots unprotected from the sun, that practically fried off his skin. He was kinda pasty with his farmer's tan. Hung at the beach. Drank, hung out at the pool. One day it rained and we stayed inside all day and um, had some uhhh quality time together. Then we went out to a sports bar called Just Joe's. Which has no website. We had a great conversation, and watched skateboarding. Which we found interesting, since well, we were drunk.

We ate at Abbey Road one day, and went to the Purple Cow for purple ice cream. I also got moosetracks, which the boy had never had. So I told him it had moose in it. Why not. This is what happens when you eat purple ice cream. We also spent the day at the A.R.E. it was my second trip and the manfriend's first. We went to a seminar that I'll blog about soon. It was on soul mates, soul groups, and soul twins. We also learned that it houses the second largest metaphysical library in the world. Guess who has the first? The vatican. Imagine that. They don't believe in such things either. Wonder why I question religion.

Here I am pretending I was going to make a shot at Kelly's, where we spent our last night with my sister, and her friend Lauren. FYI I suck at pool. Not in the way that Lauren said she sucked then did fancy things like sit on the table and shoot the ball behind her back in her "it's not a real skirt jean skirt". (oh yea, I went there) But suck in the way that I don't even hit my balls with the white one. Mkay? This picture says it all. It says, I suck, but do you still think I'm cute? The manfriend looks shocked at my suckage. Guess what else? You can smoke in public in Virginia. How rockin is that? Some places are smoke free until 10:30, and others have smoking sections. We smoked at two restaurants! Hollaaaaa!

Oh yea, did I mention, I drank a lot?


Lauren said...

Ok so I do suck really ... just give me a Jager bomb and a few beers and I'm a pro! And thank you for not putting the "crotch shot" picture up for the world to see! Glad you had a good time!

Erin said...

Great pictures!!! Seriously, you are tan!

And maybe one day we'll have to hang out and I can teach you how to play pool - seriously, I have my own stick :)

You must learn, it will really impress your manfriend....lol

Sounds like you had a fabulous time!