"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Got it Bad...

The manfriend and I had a fantastical conversation on date night. Firstively, we totally missed each other, and it felt amazing to touch him and kiss him and squeeze his buns. He said he had a dream about me. I told him I had two about him. We analyzed each others dreams and it turned into an interesting conversation. One of mine was about aliens (way long story short) who wanted us to reproduce for them. I was all alone running from them, and the manfriend found me and saved me.

He said that when you are more intimate with someone those things come up, like babies. I said no, it doesn't mean I want to start having babies, and he said he didn't mean it in the literal sense. My other dream was about my friend Kat's cat knocking him out with a baseball bat. I know, weird. But the fear of him dying, him being there for me when an intruder came in the house, were all signs to me that I feel safe with him. I don't remember the last time I felt like a man would protect me. That I could take down my harsh exterior. That I could 'be a woman' and not independant to a fault. What an amazing feeling.

We then talked about vacation. He told me that he wasn't taking notes, but he wondered what it would be like "in a living, day-to-day situation" with me, and he was really happy with how it turned out. He said he loved waking up with me in the morning. (I loved waking up with HIM in the morning) I told him I guessed I was doing the same thing, wondering what it would be like to be together so much. We talked about how we like each other for who we are, and for the first time for both of us, that's nice. We talked about walls. We talked about why we make each other so "mad". Which he said he thinks is us taking part of each others wall down. When I say that I'm mad at the boy, I only mean that I have feelings that are so beyond my control that it's frustrating. In a good way.

I make the boy mad too. He also cleaned his kitchen and gave me some silverware. Like, real stuff. I don't own silverware without plastic handles that is silver. He also gave me some sharp knives. I own none. I'm moving up in the world. I think it's pretty adorable that he thinks of me like that. I gave him a sea bean I got for him on vacation. I call him several variations of the word bean, so, it's fitting. And cute. And, he liked it. I also gave him a feng sheui bell I pretended to get for myself, but was for him.

What else is cute? This story from the vacation files.

We woke up early one morning. (oh, about 10am) and were outside enjoying a smoke, after a night of drinking (fancy that). The boy asked "know what sounds really good?" I ask what, and he says "an orange julius". "Mmmm" I said, and observed that my sister had frozen orange juice, and I could probably finangle one. He said it was too much work, and let's just go to breakfast at the old country pancake buffet. (something like that) I was up at the buffet plating my ton of eggs and potatos, (cus I don't eat pork) he walked by and told me they had ice cream! And, he was going to have an orange julius. He was pretty excited.

He sat down with his orange julius, complete with a big smile, and the waitress came over and said "you know that's butter, right?".....(pause for laughter)

The boy had ice cream scooped butter into his OJ and had the waitress not caught him he would've had a nice suprise. She said kids do it all the time, they get a bowl of it, and take a bite or two before they realize its butter. I told the boy after she left, see, all the kids do it.

In his defense, it was in a big ice cream tub, with an ice cream scooper. But seriously. He'll never live this one down.


Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

He gave you SHARP knives???? WOW! He really really trusts you. LOL

I don't let the wife anywhere near my sharp kitchen knives. However, that's for protection of her own fingers, not mine.

Allison M. said...

too funny. I wonder how long it would've taken him to notice it was butter and not ice cream?